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I have an 01 Montero ( not sport ) and I found the container for rear washer fluid is in the rear door, under a plastic flap. Actually the rear door has a pocket in it, and this flap was in the pocket area. Maybe the same for the sport - I don't know.

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Where is the front windshield washer fluid bottle for the Mitsubishi montero sport?

On a Mitsubishi Montero Sport, the front bottle, or tank, for the windshield washer fluid is right behind the passenger headlight in the engine. It is just inside the passenger front bumper.

Where is the windshield washer fluid container for the front washers on a 2002 Montero Sport?

Follow the hoses from the washer outlet spray heads backward to the washer reservoir.

Where is the Windshield washer motor Mitsubishi montero sport 2003?

Behind the front bumper on the passenger side. The pump is attached to the bottom of the tank.

Windshield washer panel light stayx on on your 2001 Mercury Villager Sport?

Your washer fluid is low, or the indicator is stuck. The washer bottle would have to be removed and checked.

Where is the rear washer pump on a Montero sport?

It's on the door in the pouch

Where does the windshield washer fluid go in on the 2001 montero sport?

front-pop hood, its towards the passenger side in the front, by the grill. rear-open latch, its on the passenger side in the space the rear hatch sits. yes it has 2 different tanks on these cars.

Where is fuse located for windshield washer pump on 2000 jeep Cherokee sport?

I know where the two fuse boxes are, but no where in the owners manual does it give information as to which fuse is the one that controls the windshield washer pump. Does anyone know by number, what fuse # controls the windshield washer pump?

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a Mitsubishi Montero require?

Manual for 2003 Montero Sport with a 3.5 liter says 10.2 quarts.

How do you replace a windshield wiper motor on a 1998 Mitsubishi mirage?

How to replace wiper motor on a 1998 montero sport mitsubishi

Is there a cap on the windshield washer tank for the front of the 2003 montero sport?

there's a cap on every fluid of every car. if yours is missing, its no big deal, just put another cap over it, or tinfoil works to, as long as it doesnt get stuck inside the tank. you just don't want dirt and crap getting in there while your using your wipers.

How do you get the starter on a 2001 montero sport out?

how do you replace the starter on a 2001 montero sport?

What is the difference between montero sport ls and montero sport es?

the letters

Where is washer fluid container in 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

the tank is behind the front bumper passenger hood and filler is located on the end side of the cap of filler...not the radiator cap.

Where is the windshield washer pump on a 1998 ford explorer xlt 4x4?

If it's anything like my 1998 Explorer sport here it goes. Of course pop the hood. Stand on the right side of the engine compartment where the washer fluid reservoir is. While looking at the washer fluid reservoir look on the lower left side of the reservoir. There will be a small black item with an electrical connection and two hoses attached to it. That is the washer pump.

When you pull up to stop at a light your montero sport jumps alittle you are not leaking fluid and it seems to drive ok what could be the prob?

when i pull up to a red light my montero sport jumps alittle, it doesnt do it all the time and i am not leaking trans fluid. What could be the problem?

How many o2 sensors are on a Montero sport?

There are four o2 sensors on a montero sport.

Which is more faster Mitsubishi montero sport or ford Everest?

it's montero sport

What is the washer fluid capacity of a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

I have a '98, and when the "LOW WASHER" light comes on and it finally runs out of fluid, I can put almost a full gallon into the reservoir.

How do you remove the radio on 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

how do i remove radio from 98 montero sport for #

How do you change out a starter on a 98 Mitsubishi Montero sport?

How to change a starter on a 1998 montero sport

What is the gas mileage on Mitsubishi Montero sport?

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport offers 16 miles to the gallon in the city. The Montero Sport also offers 21 miles to the gallon on the highway.

How do you reprogram my alarm remote for my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

How do you replace the computer on a 2000 montero sport

Mitsubishi Montero automatic transmission temp light?

I replaced transmission fluid yesterday on2003 Montero Sport today when I'm driving the A/T Temp light came on what is that mean/

What is the difference between a Montero sport xls and a Montero sport limited?

None actually..XLS is a step up on the trim package of the vehicle. Limited is the base trim package for the Montero Sport

How do your replace the thermostat on a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

how do u replace a thermostat on a 2000 mitusbishi montero sport

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