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Mekong River, the Giant huntsman spider.

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What type of spider is the worlds largest spider?

The Goliath Birdeater, a tarantula of species Theraphosa leblondi, is the world's largest spider.

What is the worlds largest spider called?

Iys the tarantula

What is the name of the worlds largest spider Where does it live?

Goliath Birdeating Tarantula is 30cm. across and is found in South American rainforest.

How tall is the worlds largest spider?

it is 1 foot long

What is the worlds largest trapdoor spider?

i think it's the tarantcula

Worlds largest spider how big?

the south American banana spider. maybe, but im pretty sure its the camel spider

Is the worlds largest spider a desert dweller?

no the world's biggest spider is a GOLIATH BIRD EATER which lives in the south American forests

What is the worlds largest spider web?

i dnt know .......... but i just want to eat its legs off!

How much did the worlds largest live turkey weigh?


Why is the worlds largest spider called the goliath spider?

in the bible goliath is a 9 ft. man that david killed with a single stone. gaint spider gaint man. they can share a name. the spider was named after him. ----------------------- The full name of the spider is The Goliath Birdeating Tarantula.

What is the worlds deadliest spider?

the Brazilian wandering spider

Is the Goliath tarantula the world's largest spider?

No, the Goliath tarantula is not the world's largest spider. Instead, it is the 2nd largest spider.

What is the worlds largest skateboard park?

Its Shaw Millenium Park in Calgary, where I live.

Where does big show live?

the worlds largest athle lives in tampa,florida

Where does most the worlds population live?

China and India have the two largest populations.

Worlds most poisinos spider?

spiders are venomous.banana spider

What is the name of the worlds biggest spider?

bird eating spider

What is the worlds largest tiger?

The Siberian tiger is the worlds largest tiger

Who has the worlds largest foot?

Fanny Mills has the worlds largest feet

The worlds largest animal?

Worlds largest animal: Blue Whale

Worlds largest beetle?

the worlds largest beetle is the titanus giganteus

What is the worlds largest thunderstorm?

The worlds largest thunderstorm was the Venezuelan thunderstorm.

What is the second largest spider?

The Solifugae, also known as the Camel Spider, is the second largest spider in the world.

Which shark is the worlds largest shark?

The whale shark is the worlds largest shark at about 75,000 pounds and is about 65 feet it is the worlds largest shark!

Where does the biggest type of moose live?

Alaska. The Alaskan subspecies of moose is the worlds largest.

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