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Q: Where find insulation nccer study guide?
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What is difference between insulation resistance test and polarization index?

Insulation resistance test: This test is used to find the insulation resistance of motor for 1 min or 10 min through high voltage insulation tester. By this we can find the insulation level. Polarization index: This is the ratio between insulation resistance for 10 min to insulation resistance for 1 min.

How megger produce voltage?

The megger is used to find insulation resistance in any equipement. It will generate around 10kVA power to test.

Why and how does insulation depend on voltage?

Where you find wire insulation with ratings of 300 volts, 600 volts and 1000 volts, these are the highest allowable voltages that can be applied. A wire that is rated for 300 volts is good for 120 volts, 240 volts and 277 volts. At test research facilities, insulation on a wire is tested to destruction. The label that is given to wire's insulation, as a result of the tests, is the highest safest voltages that can be applied to that particular wire. So when you see a wire that has a label stating that it is rated for 300 volts it means that any voltage under and up to 300 volts is safe to apply.

How do you study more in less time?

Good question. Lots of people would like to know that. When you find out, please let me know. A study buddy helps.

What is double voltage double frequency test?

Type your answer here... it is used to find the insulation break down of the conductors from turns to turns and layers to is aninsulation test for the transformers

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