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  1. Somewhere off Central Park West in the 70's I think -- I can look it up in my address book to be exact. --Big Ern
  2. Jack was born in Pennsylvania
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How many gay people live in Manhattan?

There are over 200,000 Gays and Lesbians that live in Manhattan, especially Greenwich Village.

When did Jack Pennick die?

Jack Pennick died on August 16, 1964, in Manhattan Beach, California, USA.

When was Jack Voglin born?

Jack Voglin was born on September 4, 1904, in Manhattan, New York, USA.

When was Jack Feinberg born?

Jack Feinberg was born on September 13, 1891, in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Do leopards live inside the rainforest?

They live in lower manhattan.

How long does it take to get to Manhattan from LaGuardia airport by taxi?

Depending on traffic, and on where in Manhattan you're going, it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. If you're going to Upper Manhattan, in good traffic, it would be about 30 minutes, maybe even 20 minutes (because LaGuardia is much closer to Upper Manhattan than Lower Manhattan). If you're going to Lower Manhattan in very bad traffic, it could take 90 minutes.

What part of Florida do nat and alex live in?

They live in Manhattan not Florida

How long does a jack Russel live?

Usually above 13 years. I have a Jack Russell that is 14 years old and still going really well. They live longer that most dogs, for a small dog.

Where does Madoff live?

Madoff Lives in Manhattan.

Where do Jack Russell's live?

Jack Russels are pets. They live wherever their owners live.

Where does Adrienne Bailon live?

she live in New York eastside of lower Manhattan

Where in Illinois did Amy lee live?

She doesn't live in Illinois. She lives in Manhattan.

What are the advantages of renting a luxury apartment in Manhattan?

its luxury. you don't have to do your garbage. and its really cool. live in manhattan what are you waiting for

How many millionaires live in Manhattan?

well there could be alot because Manhattan is a place of business people have money

Where does Bill Cosby live?

In Manhattan, New York.

Where do nas live?

Manhattan and he also have a place in Georgia

Where does christian siriano live?

He lives in Chelsea, Manhattan.

Where does a Jack rabbit live?

Jack Rabbits live in deserts especially in Australia

When did Jack Wrangler die?

Jack Wrangler died on April 7, 2009, in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA of emphysema.

Does Tom Brady live in Manhattan?

AnswerWest Greenwich Village

Is there going to be a Nintendogs Jack Russelll Terrier game?

First U must get the Jack Russel and then when you get it there will be jack Russels in your kennel you can find the jack Russel book by going on walks:)

Will christian beadles ever come 2 Manhattan?

He and Justin are forever in Manhattan. I live there, and Justin is my boyfriend &+ Christian is dating my seester.

Does Blake Griffin still live in Manhattan Beach California?

Yes he does, but I really don't know the exact address is manhattan beach

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