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the earthquake hit 2.4 nautical miles south south west of the milipilian lighthouse on northern cape of chimchimi island which is 3.6 nautical miles east of chimichimi coco puff which is chimichimi's brother island. glad I could of been of assistant.

- Chief of the ChimiChimi Coco Puff Tribe

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When did the Samoan tsunami hit?

29 September 2009

When did the tsunami hit Samoan island?

30 September 2009

What date did the tsunami hit Samoa?

29 September 2009

Has a tsunami ever hit japan?

yes, mutliple times, including the day this question was answered. sometime the morning a 8.9 earthqauke triggered a tsunami.

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When did Hurricane Ike make landfall?

Hurricane Ike hit Houston Texas on September 13, 2009. That was my big bros bday@

Which twins player has hit into the most double plays in 2009?

Through games played on September 10, that is Michael Cuddyer with 19.

When did the tsunami hit American Samoa?

SEPTEMBER 29 2009 ! it happened while everyone in the island wasgetting ready, meaning morning

When did Derek Jeter break Lou Gehrig's hit record?

Derek Jeter broke Lou Gehrig's hit record on September 11, 2009, becoming the New York Yankees all-time hit leader.

Who passed Lou Gehrig to become the New York Yankees career hit leader?

On September 11, 2009, Derek Jeter collected his 2,722nd hit to pass Lou Gehrig as the Yankees all-time career hit leader.

How many tornadoes hit Texas in 2009?

129 tornadoes hit Texas in 2009.

Who was the last Dodger relief pitcher to hit a home run?

Through games played on September 14, 2009 that is Randy Wolf on August 16, 2009 off of Yusmeiro Petit of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What are the release dates for The Last Hit - 2009?

The Last Hit - 2009 was released on: USA: 10 April 2009

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Hit Songs September 1963There were three hit songs in the month of September 1963. From September 1 to the 3 Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" was the number 1 hit single. From September 4 - 17 the Supremes had the number 1 hit single with "You Can't Hurry Love". From September 18 the Association's "Cherish" was number 1, and the number 1 hit song for the year 1963.

Which New York Yankee hit the last home run at the old Yankee Stadium?

On September 21, 2009, Jose Molina hit the last home run at the old Yankee Stadium. It was hit in the fourth inning against the Baltimore Orioles.

How many Hurricanes hit the Us in 2009?

Zero (0) hurricanes hit the US in 2009.

How many sixes were hit in IPL 2009?

506 sixes were been hit in IPL 2009.

What is Beyonce's biggest hit in 2009?

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When did Derek Jeter hit 2722?

Derek Jeter reached 2,722 hits, becoming the Yankees all-time hits leader, on September 11, 2009.

Who was the last Atlanta Braves pitcher to hit a home run?

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How big was the 2009 tsunami in Japan?

The Samoa Tsunami caused by Earthquake in 2009 hit several countries including: Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, the Cook Islands, and Japan. The waves were up to 15ft (4.5m) in height. A massive 8.8 earthquake striking Chile in Jan 12, 2009 triggered a tsunami that reached Japan, but the waves reaching the coast of Japan were small.

Did braves hit a grand slam in 2009?

No, actually they did not hit a grand slam in 2009. Very unusual.

When were the twin towers hit?

The North tower was hit at 8:46 on September 11, 2001. The South tower was hit at 9:03 on September 11, 2001.

What are the hurricanes that hit Massachusetts?

Hurricane Bob, Category 3, hit in August 1991 Hurricane Gloria, Category 4, hit in September-October 1985 Hurricane Donna, Category 5, hit August-September 1960 Hurricane Carol, Category 2, hit August-September 1954 Hurricane Edna, Category 3, hit September 1954 Great Atlantic Hurricane, Category 4 (but not at Massachusetts), hit September 1944 New England Hurricane, Category 1, September 1938 For more information, have a look at:

What month in 1961 was hit the road jack a hit song?