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Where in a 1997 Ford Thunderbird are the flashers?


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2005-10-05 03:06:48
2005-10-05 03:06:48

If it is like my 98 Grand Marquis, it is incorporated within the hazard flasher switch on top of the steering column. Before spending money to get it repaired, try squirting some WD 40 around the switch and push it down and let it pop up several times and wiggle it around. It worked for me when my flashers, turn signals, and brake lights stop working. Apparently, over the years gunk finds it way in there, be it dirt, liquids, etc. Pressing the flasher switch can sometimes initiate the problem. There is no plug-in "flasher" you can replace as you may remember in older vehicles. Good luck. Yes - WD40 on flasher switch on top of steering column and pushing the switch a few times worked great on my 1996 t-brd when the flashers blinkers and stop lights no longer worked.


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