Where in the Bible does it talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

The death and Resurrection of Christ is recorded in the Gospels of Matthew (Chapters 27-28), Mark (15-16), Luke (23-24), and John (19-20). It is also mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15.


(1) Jesus' resurrection happened "according to the Scriptures." God's Word foretold the resurrection. For example, David wrote that God's "loyal one" would not be left in the Grave. (Read Psalm 16:10.) On the day of Pentecost in the year 33, Peter explained that the "loyal one" was Jesus when he said: "[David] foresaw and spoke about the resurrection of the Christ, that neither was he forsaken in the Grave nor did his flesh see corruption."-Acts 2:23-27, 31

(2) Many eyewitnesses saw the resurrected Jesus. During the 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples in the garden near his tomb, on the road to the village of Emmaus, and in other places. (Luke 24:13-15) He spoke to individuals, including Peter, and to groups. Once, Jesus even appeared to a crowd of more than 500 people. We cannot ignore the fact that so many eyewitnesses saw the resurrected Jesus.

(3) The disciples zealously preached about Jesus' resurrection. They were persecuted, they suffered, and some were killed because of their preaching work. Think about this: If Jesus had not been raised to life, would Peter have risked his life to preach about Christ's resurrection to the same people who hated Jesus and plotted his death? Peter and the other disciples were confident that Jesus was alive and was overseeing the preaching work. Also, Jesus' resurrection gave his followers the strong hope that they too would be resurrected. For example, Stephen died convinced that he would be resurrected.-Acts 7:55-60.

(4) Jesus' resurrection confirms all that he taught. One Bible scholar wrote that if Christ was not resurrected, then Christians are foolish people who believe a big lie. Paul wrote that if Jesus were not resurrected, the preaching and the faith of Christians would be worthless. In fact, the Gospel accounts would simply be a sad story of a good and wise man who was killed by his enemies. But Jesus was resurrected, which confirms that everything he taught was true.-Read 1 Corinthians 15:14, 15, 20.

Jesus said: "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life." (John 11:25) This promise of Jesus is guaranteed to come true. Jehovah has given Jesus the power to resurrect those who will rule in heaven and the billions who will live on earth. Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection guarantee that there will be no more death. So we can have the strength to endure any trial and even to face death with courage!