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Gold can be mined in gold mines.....

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Q: Where in the world can gold be mined or found?
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What mineral mined in the U.S. is found only in California?

Main mineral is gold, but gold is found in other places in the world.

Where is platinumfound?

it is found in places where gold is mined

Where is gold mined in Africa?

South Africa accounts for approximately 10% of the world's gold production, about 40% of the world's total gold reserves are found in the Witwatersrand area of South Africa.

Where did the ancient Egyptians get their jewels and gold?

They mined for them and found them

How was gold first mined?

it was first mined by placer mining method of washing the dirt from around the small pieces of gold found in creeks.

Why is it harder to find gold?

Most of the gold was mined out early in the world.

Is there still gold to be mined today?

Yes, gold is still available to be mined in various places around the world (for example, Alaska and Ghana have gold deposits).

Where is gold mined today?

all over the world

Is gold found underground?

Yes, gold is often found underground in deposits known as ore bodies. These ore bodies can be mined using various methods to extract the gold.

What are Ghana's accomplishments?

One accomplishment was holding great wealth from silver and gold mined in the forest kingdoms. (I found this information in The World And The People.)

Where was gold mined during the gold rush in Canada?

It was found in the Caribboo Mountains and the Fraser River.

What is gold and diamonds mined in?

Gold and diamonds are both mined in the earth.