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It was found in the Caribboo Mountains and the Fraser River.

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detour lake

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Q: Where was gold mined during the gold rush in Canada?
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What is a conclusion for the California gold rush?

the gold run out or mined

How did the gold rush affect Canada?

The Gold Rush in Canada helped boost the economy. This gold rush also brought a lot of people into Canada.

What was the rush for in Leadhills Scotland?

Lead has been mined here for many hundreds of years. Gold was mined here during the reign of James IV and provided employment for 300miners. Gold has not been profitable for many years.

Was there a gold rush in North Carolina?

Indeed there was, It occurred in 1799 and was the first gold rush in the US. Gold was mined in North Carolina for many years .

Who discovered gold in yukon?

During the Klondike Gold Rush (or Yukon Gold Rush), there was massive immigration and gold prospecting along the Dawson River in the Yukon Territory, in Northwestern Canada.

What was gold used for during the gold rush?

Yes the shovel was used during the Gold Rush.

When was the the gold rush?

cariboo gold rush in b.c.,canada - 1857 but the actual gold rush didn't start until 1861

How did the caribou gold rush change Canada?

the gold rush changed Canada because Canada had a new colonie established by sir James Douglas

Was gold available to everyone during the gold rush?

In a sense it was, if you were the first to find gold on a site and then record the claim. After the early days, it was more difficult to find gold since it had to be mined from deeper areas and then separated from the ore.

Where did the gold miners lived during gold rush?

Miners stayed in miner's settlements during the gold rush.

What was the shovel used for during the gold rush?

Yes the shovel was used during the Gold Rush.

When was gold found in Canada?

THE GREAT YUKON GOLD RUSH. Was in Canada and not Alaska as popualrly believed.