Where in the world is Malaria?

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malaria is transmitted in

  • large areas of Central and South America
  • the island of Hispaniola (includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  • Africa
  • Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and the Middle East)
  • Eastern Europe
  • and the South Pacific

and the boblands

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Q: Where in the world is Malaria?
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Can malaria spread agin in the world?

Malaria is already endemic in may parts of the world.

If my father had malaria in Vietnam does he still have the potential to spread malaria here at home?

Yes. Malaria can be spread around the world if not treated at the time when you see signs of malaria.

How the malaria spreads?

From playing World of Warcraft

Is malaria the world's deadliest parasite?


What diseases were there during World War 2?

Malaria,typhoid, paratyphoid, some scurvy. Mostly malaria.

Is malaria infecting people in other places besides Africa?

Yes, malaria is endemic widely across the world.

How many people does malaria affect in the world every year?

About 20 million people suffer from malaria annually, worldwide.

Is Malaria a disease of affluence?

Malaria is spread by mosquito bites in some of the poorest places in the world. Hardly an affluent area.

Where in the world are the most cases of Malaria and Sickle Cell anaemia?

Malaria is common in topical ad subtropical zones. The malaria has selected the people with sickle cell anaemia. Although person with sickle cell anemia can have malaria, the carrier, or the person with sickle cell trait is resistant to malaria.

How easily can malaria spread?

very, Well over 300 million people around the world suffer from Malaria and in Africa, someone is bitten every second by a mosquito infected with Malaria. (:

Where was Malaria contracted during World War 1?

My great grandfather went to India with his regiment during WW1 and contracted Malaria there.

How many people infected with malaria survive?

Malaria, along with tuberculosis, continues to be one of the world's most lethal diseases with half the world's population - about 3.3 billion people - at risk from it, according to the latest World Malaria Report 2009, released by WHO last December. Over 243 million confirmed cases of malaria were reported from across the world, of which an estimated 863,000 died. The biggest burden of malaria is borne by Africa with nearly 90% of , most being children below 5 years.

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