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Where in the world is Malaria?


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malaria is transmitted in

  • large areas of Central and South America
  • the island of Hispaniola (includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  • Africa
  • Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and the Middle East)
  • Eastern Europe
  • and the South Pacific

and the boblands


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Malaria is already endemic in may parts of the world.

Yes. Malaria can be spread around the world if not treated at the time when you see signs of malaria.

Malaria,typhoid, paratyphoid, some scurvy. Mostly malaria.

From playing World of Warcraft

Yes, malaria is endemic widely across the world.

Malaria is common in topical ad subtropical zones. The malaria has selected the people with sickle cell anaemia. Although person with sickle cell anemia can have malaria, the carrier, or the person with sickle cell trait is resistant to malaria.

About 20 million people suffer from malaria annually, worldwide.

Malaria is spread by mosquito bites in some of the poorest places in the world. Hardly an affluent area.

very, Well over 300 million people around the world suffer from Malaria and in Africa, someone is bitten every second by a mosquito infected with Malaria. (:

Where does malaria occur?Malaria occurs in over 100 countries and territories. More than 40% of the people in the world are at risk. Large areas of Central and South America, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania are considered malaria-risk areas (an area of the world that has malaria).How common is malaria?The World Health Organization estimates that yearly 300-500 million cases of malaria occur and more than 1 million people die of malaria. About 1,200 cases of malaria are diagnosed in the United States each year. Most cases in the United States are in immigrants and travelers returning from malaria-risk areas, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

you can prevent malaria by, sleeping with a bed net, spray the net with bug spray, and wear light colored clothes. malaria mostly occurs in eastern parts of the world.

Yes, if left untreated, or poorly treated, Malaria can kill. Thousands of people die every year (in third and fourth world countries, primarily), due to Malaria infections.

My great grandfather went to India with his regiment during WW1 and contracted Malaria there.

Malaria may be the most common disease in the world.

it help alot otherwise the world would finish till now from disease of malaria

Some misquitoes in parts of the world give people malaria. ________________________________________________________________________ mainly, you catch malaria from mosquitos that have been infected. they are infected by laying eggs and being born out of dirty water

Oh yes, just as much as any time before malaria medication was invented, Even Warhero/Actor Audie Murphy had malaria during WWII.

It is caused by Anopheles mosquitoes, they live in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Malaria is a parasite that moves through your body after you have been bitten from the mosquito that carries this disease. Malaria can also be passed from person to person.

The treatment for malaria depends with the type of malaria. There are two types of malaria: mild malaria and severe malaria. The severe malaria requires intravenous (IV) drug treatment and fluids in the hospital while mild malaria requires oral medication.

Malaria causes Malaria... Idiot.

Malaria kills between 700,000 and 2,000,000 people per year, making it the deadliest disease in the world.

Same way people always have caught malaria - through getting bitten by mosquitoes carrying the disease.

Peru is affected by malaria. It is very difficult task to tackle malaria in tropical rain forest area. Unless and until the whole world unite as one nation, so many things are not possible.

Yeast does not causes malaria. Malaria is caused by protozoa.

Yes, 3.73 million on average have malaria. Any country where mosquitos with the malaria virus are, you get malaria.

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