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Where is 2000 Maxima power steering reservoir?


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it is located on the passenger side in the hood, right in front of shock tower, with a little red top on it.


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How do you replace a power steering reservoir for a 2000 odlsmobile interigue?

The power steering reservoir is on the passenger side behind the engine compartment.

It's in the bottom of the power steering fluid reservoir. It's part of the reservoir.

broken hose to the power steering reservoir or the rack on the firewall is leaking badly or the reservoir has a hole in it.

The reservoir is located on the passenger side rear of engine.

Power steering pump reservoir. Back of engine passenger side.

The Power Steering Pump & Reservoir are below the Alternator, by the Firewall, on the Passenger's Side.....

It sits right on top of the power steering pump. Looking from in front of the engine, it is a screw on cap behind the coolant reservoir.

When you open your hood there should be a container on the left with a black cap. That is your power steering reservoir. When you open your hood there should be a container on the left with a black cap. That is your power steering reservoir.

Under the cap that says Power Steering, behind and under the Alternator, by the Firewall.

Which oil? Engine, transmission, power steering oil?

it,s connected with ur fluid reservoir


Check your hoses from the power steering reservoir for cracks in them and also check the power steering rack on the firewall to see if the rubber seals on the ends of the rack are leaking, maybe the reservoir itself is leaking, have it checked out.

As far as I know there is NO reservoir as the power steering is controled by electrical pump linked into the steering rack. You access it by taking the cowling off under the steering column and dropping the fuse cover to reveal the electrical pump

A person adds power steering fluid to this car under the hood. The lid to the reservoir is yellow and stamped with power steering.

right front fender well close to power steering resorvoir.

The power steering reservoir is located on the passenger side rear of the Engine compartment underneath and behind the alternator. . It is a very tight fit.

On the four cylinder model the power steering pump is located at the opposite end of the engine and is driven by the camshaft. there should be a reservoir and a cap.

Look for the reservoir that says power steering fluid and follow the hoses from the reservoir to the pump assembly. The pump assembly will have a pulley and belt (hopefully) attached to it. This should work with any car. Tracker has the pump and reservoir at the front of the engine bay, passenger's side.

Should be stamped right on the steering fluid reservoir cap. If not any power steering fluid will work.

On a 3800 engine it's located underneath the Alternator

The power steering reservoir on 2000 - 2005 Buick Lesabres is located below the alternator between the firewall and engine. This applies to 2000 - 2005 Imps with the 3800 as well. At least on the Lesabre you can use your right arm to access the small space below the alternator to get to the power steering cap; you will be REQUIRED to have a long funnel to fill the reservoir if needs be. As you will observe, GM could have done a better job on locating this. Good luck!

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