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THERE WAS NO 2 CYLINDER 1996 Ford...THE 1997 F-150 FEATURED A 4.6 AND 5.4 TRITON V8 THAT COULD FUNCTION BY SHUTTING HALF OF IT'S ENGINE DOWN IN AN OVERHEAT SITUATION. THE 1996 F150 FEATURED AN 5.8 OR 5.0 V8. i HAVE BEEN WITH FORD FOR 14 YRS AND AM WELL VERSED IN THE PRODUCT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The # 2 cylinder is on the passenger side of the engine , 2nd cylinder from the front of the engine on a Ford V8

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โˆ™ 2008-08-09 01:08:13
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Q: Where is 2 cylinder 1996 ford f-150 v8 5.4 L?
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