Where is Corn grown in Tennessee?

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Why is corn grown in Tennessee?

For Food!

What part of Tennessee is corn grown?


What produce items are grown in Tennessee?

Soybeans, corn and tomatoes.

What crop is mainly grown in Tennessee?

corn is the main crop

What types of food is grown in Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to many soybean, corn and wheat farms.

What crops are grown in Tennessee?

The main crops in Tennessee are cotton, wheat, soy beans, corn, and tobacco.

Crops grown in Tennessee?

Many crops are grown in Tennessee. The state is home to many soybean, corn, wheat, cotton and tobacco farms. Tree nurseries are also common in Tennessee.

What crops are grown in Tennessee and why?

Corn and soybeans are just a few of the many crops grown here in Tennessee. The reason those crops are grown here is because of our climate, soil, and fossil fuels.

A product grown in Tennessee is?

Agriculture products grown in Tennessee include soybeans, cotton, corn, tobacco, and greenhouse and nursery products, including flowers, ornamental shrubs and fruit trees.

What are the products grown or manufactured in Tennessee?

Soybeans, corn, cotton, tobacco and wheat are the top crops grown in Tennessee. Tennessee's major manufacturing products include chemicals, transportation equipment, and electrical equipment.

Where is corn grown in Maryland?

where is corn grown in maryland

What season is corn grown in?

I believe corn is grown in summer

Is corn grown in Texas?

Yes corn is grown in Texas.

Why are cotton wheat soybeans corn and tobacco grown in Tennessee?

Because of the suitable climate and it's a farming type of state.

Where is cornflakes grown?

Cornflakes come from corn, corn is grown in Kansas.

Is corn manufactured in Indiana?

Corn isn't manufactured anywhere, it is grown. And yes, corn is grown in Indiana.

What climate is corn grown best in?

corn is most grown in a temperate climate

Where is Cornmeal grown?

Cornmeal is not grown . It is made from corn. Corn is grown in the United States, Mexico, South America. Corn is grounded to make cornmeal.

Where in Alberta is corn grown?

Corn is grown anywhere where where there is a lot of sun and plenty of water...mostly on corn farms.

Where is hominy grown?

Since hominy is just processed corn, you can say that hominy is grown everywhere that corn is grown.

In witch state is corn grown in?

Grammer Fix: In which state is corn grown in? Corn is grown in several sates, but since I am a resident here, I should know that Corn is quite abundant in Indiana.

How much corn does Tennessee produced?

Tennessee produces about 59,520,000 bushels of corn per year.

Where was corn made?

Corn is grown, not made.

What corn is grown in Mexico?

White corn

Why was corn grown in the 1800s?

Corn was grown in the 1800's because food was scarce and they needed to survive so they grew corn.

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