Where is FPO AP?

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Fleet Post Office- armed forces pacific


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2010-04-15 09:50:29
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Q: Where is FPO AP?
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Which type of address do marines use APO or FPO?

marines use FPO-AP's

What country is fpo ap 96427?


Mailing address of USS La Jolla?

USS La Jolla SSN 701 FPO AP 96671-2381

In regards to APO and FPO military shipping addresses what does AA AE and AP stand for?

AA means Armed Forces (the) Americas AE means Armed Forces Europe AP means Armed Forces Pacific APO means Army Post Office (US Army and US Air Force) FPO means Fleet Post Office (US Navy/US Marine Corps)

When was FPO mark created?

FPO mark was created in 1955.

What is the full name of FPO?

what is tha full name of fpo

DFT as per FPO 5 of painting?

what is the mean of FPO-5

When shipping to an APO AP address what do you enter for the state on a website that has a dropdown box?

You have to enter AP (or AA or AE for other military addresses). If those options are not available in the dropdown menu, it usually means that the shipper does not serve APO/FPO addresses directly.

What is an fpo box?

FPO is usually a US Navy address or "Fleet Post Office"

What is APO AP?

APO is a U.S. Postal Service abbreviation for military mail. APO = Army Post Office FPO = Fleet Post Office AP = Armed forces in the Pacific AA = Armed forces in the Americas AE = Armed forces in Europe (and the Middle East)

What is the difference between an BPO and an FPO?

BPO = Business Process Outsourcing FPO = Finance Process Outsourcing BPO that deal with Financial services only are called FPO.

What is the full form fpo?

fpo stands for fruit product order in terms of quality marks

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