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Juab High School is located in Nephi, Utah, in the United States.

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Q: Where is Juab High School located?
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What does Juab county manufacture and produce?

I don't know what Juab county produces. I have to do a report for school and that's all I need to know about Juab county.

Who is the computer lab admin at Juab High School?

I at Juab High school on my lap top does that count? Mrs. Thomas who also manages the school website. She gets a bit upset if you forget your passwords to login and its hard to stay on her good side. But overall she does manage the computer lab in an organized manner.

Where is the Juab County Bookmobile Library in Bicknell located?

The address of the Juab County Bookmobile Library is: 79 North 100 West, Bicknell, 84715 9999

Do coyotes live in Juab?

If you are referring to Juab County, Utah, yes, coyotes are found there.

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