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Where is Nibiru today?


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Nibiru doesn't exist. It's a made-up planet invented by an alien cult website in 1995.


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No. Nibiru does not exist.

None, because Nibiru doesn't exist. Those that support the Nibiru myth, and believe Nibiru to be a large terrestrial planet (there are many different beliefs among Nibiru believers as to what Nibiru actually is), often claim that it has 18 visible moons.

No. Nibiru does not exist.

Never. Nibiru doesn't exist.

No, because Nibiru doesn't exist.

Never. Nibiru is a phantasm, a fantasy; it does not exist. It never did. Nibiru was one of the abode of the Babylonian god Marduk.

Nibiru is the Akkadian term for the summer solstice. In Babylonian mythology, Nibiru was identified with Marduk, whose subjects were the stars.

It isn't. The "evidence" of Nibiru consists of nothing but hoxes and delusions. Nibiru does not exist.

Nibiru is a fictional planet that does not exist. It is not going to hit the Earth.

Nibiru doesn't exist. It will not destroy any countries.

You can't see Nibiru anywhere. It doesn't exist.

Nibiru does not exist. It is a hoax created by apocalypse fanatics.

Nobody found it. The Nibiru hoax was created in 1995.

Nibiru is already in our Solar System. It is the Babylonian name for Jupiter.Nibiru the 2012 planet - does not exist.See related question

Nobody actually "found" Nibiru. It was first reported by Nancy Lieder, who claims to be in psychic contact with aliens, but these are simply delusions. Nibiru does not exist. Speaking in religious beleifs, Jesus spoke to his desciples about the planets and the stars and Nibiru. So, If you are religious, this would be your answer.

No. Nibiru does not exist. It is the product of overactive and often paranoid imaginations.

Nibiru doesn't exist. It's not close to Earth or any other planet.

No. The people who saw it might have seen Mercury. Nibiru does not exist.

Nibiru does not exist. Claims of its imagined size vary widely.

No. Nibiru does not exist. These "sightings" are either hoaxes or the product of delusions.

Nibiru doesn't exist. It will not come close to Earth or anywhere else.

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