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What is the distance from Orlando airport US to cape Canaveral US?

Orlando International Airport to Cape Canaveral, US Airforce Base is 46.52 miles.

How many US cities are named Orlando?

Orlando is a city in central Florida. It is the only U.S. city named Orlando. Orlando is a town in Logan and Payne counties, Oklahoma. Orlando is an unincorporated community in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

What is the third largest region in the US?


What is the city that has the most tourists in the US?


Is Disney World part of the US?

It isn't part of the US- it is in the US, in Orlando, Florida.

What time in the US?

America in Orlando and Florida is 126 hours behinds us

Most Beautiful amusement park?

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando in Orlando, Florida, US.

Who is the US Representative from Orlando FL?

suzanne kosmas

What is the currency in Orlando?

The once almighty US Dollar.

What is the distance from Orlando to Florida?

There isn't just one Orlando in the US. There are other Orlando's in other states. Which state are you talking about?

Where is the City Beautiful US city nickname?

Orlando FL

Where is the busiest restaurant in the US?

planet Hollywood, Orlando fl

Who is the current US representative in Orlando FL?

Bill Nelson

What is the distance between Ottawa and Orlando US?

1404 miles

What is the slogan for Universal Studios Orlando?

come join us

Which direction do I travel to get from Tampa to Orlando Florida?

By traveling northeast from Tampa on US Interstate 10, a driver can reach Orlando Florida.

Where can one access a list of foreclosures in the Orlando area?

A list of foreclosures in Orlando, US, could be found at the following websites: Orlando Foreclosures Today, Impending Evictions Incorporated and The Mortgage Specialist.

Driving directions from Myrtle Beach to Orlando?

Take US-501 NORTH to US-378 in Conway.Turn left onto US-378 WEST and take US-378 WEST to I-95 SOUTH to SAVANNAH.Take I-95 SOUTH through South Carolina and Georgia to I-4 WEST to ORLANDO at EXIT 260B in FLORIDATake I-4 WEST to ORLANDO.

How many miles from Orlando FL to Guadalajara Mexico?


How long does it take to get to Orlando Florida from the US?

Orlando is a city in the state of Florida which is part of the United States. It takes no time because you are already there.

How many miles is it from Sanibel Florida to Orlando?

It is 174 miles from Sanibel, Florida to Orlando, Florida if you travel via US-17 North.

What is the time difference between Orlando US and Frankfurt Germany?

The Time difference between Orlando and Frankfurt is 6 hours. So if it is 18:12 in Frankfurt/ Germany, it would be 12:12 in Orlando

Where is the best US shopping centers?

Mall at Millenia - Orlando, FL

What state is Disney World in the US?

Florida, south of the city of Orlando.

Comfort Inn Orlando is situated in which continent?

Comfort Inn is a hotel in North America. It is situated in Orlando, Florida. Their address is 8134 International Drive, Orlando, FL, US, 32819. They have 112 guest rooms.