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The 4.0 engine was designed with a Controlled Crankcase Ventilation hose - the smaller at the rear of the valve cover, and a front air inlet hose from the breather. It moves crankcase gas into the intake manifold through the small hose, and has no PCV.

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Where is the govenor pressure censor at on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee limited?

It is inside the transmission, on the valve body.

What type of oil filter fits a 1988 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee did not come out until 1993. It used a 5281090 Mopar filter.

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 1988 jeep Cherokee limited?

Top driver side of the bell housing.

How do you replace heater control valve on 1999 grand Cherokee limited v8?

There is no such part on a 1999 Jeep.

Can someone say where to buy a throttle valve cable or stepdown cable for a 1995 jeep grand cherokee limited 4.0?

Jeep dealer.Jeep dealer.

Will a AW4 trans from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee fit a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

An AW4 transmission from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee will not fit into a 1988 Jeep Cherokee. The transmissions in the varying years do not appear to be compatible with one another.

How many O2 sensors are in a 1988 jeep cherokee 4.0?

A 1988 Jeep Cherokee has one oxygen sensor.

Where is the fuse box on a 1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer?

If the pioneer is like my 1988 Jeep Cherokee limited, the fuse box is hidden from view above the break pedal and to the left. You have to open the driver's door and kneel on the pavement to see it.

Will a 1994 Jeep Cherokee gas tank fit in a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?


Has Jeep Cherokee Limited 2003 has same gearbox as Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There wasn't a 2003 Cherokee. The last Cherokee was 2000.

Does a 2000 Jeep Cherokee have an egr valve?


97 Jeep Grand Cherokee egr valve location?

A 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have EGR.

Can you swap front ends of a 1988 Jeep Cherokee Laredo with a 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

Yes you can

Will a trans from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee fit a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

The transmission oil line from a 1991 model of a Jeep Cherokee will fit a 1988 model of a Jeep Cherokee because the transmission oil line fits all Cherokee models that were made between 1987 and 1996.

Where is the modulator on a 93 Jeep Cherokee?

A 1993 Jeep does not have a transmission modulator valve.

Does a 94 jeep Cherokee have a transmission modulator valve?


Does a 95 jeep Cherokee have a transmission modulator valve?


My jeep stays in 1st or 3rd gear Where is the Modulator valve located in a 1999 Jeep Cherokee?

A 1999 Jeep transmission does not have a modulator valve.

Will a 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport transmission fit in a 1990 Jeep Cherokee limited?

if they are the same engine then yes.

Where is the 1999 jeep grand Cherokee ac drain?

where is the ac drain on 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited

What is Freon capacity for a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

how much freon does a 2002 jeep cherokee limited hold

Where is the modulator valve on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep transmissions do not have modulator valves

Does a 2000 jeep Cherokee limited have a timing belt?


Where is the PVC valve on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0?

A 1997 Jeep 4.0L does not have a pcv valve. It uses an orifice in the top of the valve cover.

Will the door off a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo fit on a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited?


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