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Under hood, center, upper engine area, top of engine, mounted in passenger side valve cover

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Q: Where is PVC vave located on 1998 ford 150 six clyinder?
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Where is the transmission range sensor on a 2008 ford f 350?

range sensor is located inside transmission. remove pan and it is attached to shift selector rod and vave body.

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my car egr failed. your car will iddle very bad and rough or not at all. but on the highway it runs ok. also it will give you a check engine light also will give you high emissions for inspection high nitrous oxides. that is is the vave is not opening or clogged

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Where is the PCV valve on a 1997 dodge Dakota sport v6?

Hello,It is located toward the back of the driver side valve cover. It doesn't look like your typical PCV vave. It is a round metallic shaped piece. Go buy one from your parts store and when you see it, you'll know right where it goes.Good luck ......

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What is making your engine smoke when you start it in the morning?

The smoke is caused by worn valve guides, while the engine is sitting idle for some time, the oil seeps down around the vave stems, when you start the car, the burning of this oil is what you see coming out of the exaust pipe.

How do you repair the Lincoln Mark VIII EGR system?

must buy the EGR valve, EGR position sensor, both are located on the driver side behind the cylinder head (paint in the a#@ to do it)The EGR valve is conected to the intake manifold with a thick metal hose going to the exaust . The EGR position sensor it has a rectangular shape this one has two rubber hoses one thin other thick both conected to the EGR's vave thick metal hose.

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How do you disconnect heater core hoses?

Well what type and year of car is it? they are just clamped on at the firewall on the passengers side normally. If you need to disconnct it for a while so you can keep driving purchase a flush valve or drain vave at the parts store and connect the 2 ends of the hoses to it so as to make a loop.

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What is causing your peugeot 206 to over rev?

well there is 1 possible solution that it could be the vehicles idle control valve i had the same problem being a mechanic i understood it while idle on the drive way it was rising from about 3000 - 4500 obviosly not good for early morning starts at work :( i took the the 8mm bolt out gently removed idle control vave and cleaned it with a DRY rag rebiult it back up job done in no time :)

How do you replace egr valve on 1994 F150 with 5.0 engine?

Replacing the egr valve is quite simple. the line at the bottom of the egr vave needs to be taken off first using an open end wrench.( be careful on this step if the line is broken it can sumtimes get costly) remove the two bolts on each side of the valve then simply swap it out. you might want to replace the gasket while you have it off. make sure when reasemmling it you start the line on the bottom before you but the other two bolts back in.

How do you change out an EGR valve on a 1997 Nissan pickup 2wd?

You need to take the air cleaner off. Then disconnect the vacuum hose going to your brake booster at the check valve point. There is a valve (EGRC-BRT) next to the EGR remome the the clamp on the braket that is holding the brake booster hose and swing it out of your way. Next you need to remove the vacuum hose from the EGRC-BRT valve and remove the valve nad the bracket that hold the vave. Now you can get to the EGR pipe which attaches to the EGR. Remove the pipe then remove the the bolts that hold the EGR valve.

90 Chrysler LeBaron 6 Cyl. with a ticking noise.Not real loud doesn't seem to get much louder with acceleration. Shop said the car was almost out of oil last time it was changed.How to fix quiet tick?

Sounds like a dirty valve lifter or maybe the lifter lost prime. I suggest changing the oil using something lite like 5w30 . Also ass a can of CD2 or vave medic. They are both made for quieting noisy lifters Also chech the oil level weekly to make sure you do not run low again.

1992 gmc truck that won't warm up The radiator cap thermostat and coolant have all been replaced The system was bled twice?

All I can think of is you got a defective or the wrong thermostat, because as far as I know the only thing that regulates the temp is the thermostat. Also if anything else in the coolant system was bad you would usually have a over heating problem. Have you tried touching the heater core hoses, If the heater core is cloged usually only one hose will be hot because the core is plugged and not lettig coolant flow thru in and out. Do you have a heater control vave that could be stuck?