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Q: Where is Paul nicdao now?
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How tall is Charlotte Nicdao?

Charlotte Nicdao is 162 cm.

Are Paul jr and Paul sr talking now?


Where does Sean Paul live now?

sean paul lives in jamica

What is paul McCartney actual girlfriend?

Paul's now dating Nancy Shevell

Paul muni was born in what is now lviv Ukraine not russia?

Yes, Paul Muni was born in what is now called Lviv, Ukraine.

What Age is Paul Salas Now?


Why was Paul Revere remembered?

i donot now

What was Paul Wright wrestling name?

Paul Wright is now known as the big show

What happened to Paul deasy at QVC?

Paul Deasy is now on ShopNBC selling gemstones.

How many popes have had the name Pope Paul?

For right now there are 6 Pope Paul's

What Paul thorn song did Paul McCartney sing?

(I Have a Good Day) Every Now and Then

What does Paul do?

Paul McCartney is a musician who was in The Beatles and now he has his own band called The Wings.

What is the name of the cemetery where paul mcCartney is buried?

Paul is not dead. Paul will not be dead for another few years. (This is based on how Paul is now 79.)

What does Paul McCartney do?

Paul McCartney is a musician who was in The Beatles and now he has his own band called The Wings.

What is Paul jr doing now?

Owns a motorcycle company called Paul Junior Designs.

Do Now known that Paul was guy who killed undertaker parent?

Kane killed his parents not paul

What is Paul heaton doing now?

What team does Chris Paul play now?

Clippers :)

Does paul walker have a girlfriend right now?

yes he does

Where is paul sapiera now?

hong kong

What actors and actresses appeared in For Evie - 2012?

The cast of For Evie - 2012 includes: Amanda Ma as Mother Alfred Nicdao as Father Grace Tanner as Evie 4

What island did Paul in the Bible ship wreck on?

Paul was shipwrecked on the island of Melita, now known as Malta.

What is paul jennings favourite book?

i'm not shore what it is now but when paul was a kid he loved Rupet the bear

When was Paul Csonka born?

Paul Csonka was born in 1905, in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria).

Where are the children of Paul Williams from the temptations?

their names were sarita, kenneth, paul lucas, mary, paula and paul jr.