Where is Pembrokeshire Wales?

Pembrokeshire is in the far South-West of Wales, occupying the lower of the two 'horns' of the nation. It is split into North and South Pembrokeshire by a non-officially defined boundary called the Landsker, as the two parts of the county are very different. North Pembrokeshire is far more wild, stormy and rugged than the more gently rolling, pastoral landscape of the South, and Welsh is spoken as a first language far more commonly in the North than in the South. There is also far stronger Nationalist sentiment in the North.
South Pembrokeshire was settled in Mediaeval times by English farmers and weavers of Flemish descent, and is thus sometimes known as 'the little England beyond Wales'. Place-names of the South are thus far more English-sounding than they are in the North.

Principal towns of South Pembrokeshire are Pembroke itself and Tenby, whilst St. Davids, Fishguard and Milford Haven are the main towns of the North. Haverfordwest lies more or less on the border between the two.