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In the Bahamas

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What does Shakira do for a living?

for a living she sings

Is Shakira from the Bahamas?

Shakira lives in the Bahamas now but she was born in Barranquilla in Colombia.

Is Shakira living in cafornia?

no she lives in the Bahamas

Is Shakira still living?

ummmmm yes she is

Where is Shakira right now?


Where is Shakira living?

Shakira lives in The Bahamas. shikarpur Nassau, Bahamas. She also has homes in Miami, Colombia and a secluded ranch in Uruguay

When was Shakira Caine born?

Shakira Caine was born on February 23, 1947, in British Guiana [now Guyana].

What color is Shakira eyes now?

brown of course :)

Is Shakira married and does she have children?

Yes and No, Shakira is married right now to Gerard pique and has no children yet but says she is ready for them

Is Shakira dating or marrying anyone right now its May 2012?

Shakira is currently only dating so she is still ready to mingle!

Where does latin pop artist shakira live right now?

In the Bahamas

Is Shakira pregnat?

Not now (March 2010) but she has said that she would like children.

How many albums has Shakira sold?

Shakira has now sold over 125 million records.70 million albums, and over 55 million singles. Confirmed by Sony.

Did antonio dated Shakira or Shakira dated antonio?

shakira dated antonio.

Is Shakira a cool name?

Shakira is a cool. I wish i could be called Shakira

Is Shakira christane?

is shakira christane

When did Shakira get into music?

When Shakira was four

How tall is Shakira?

Shakira is 5'2"

Is Shakira engelesh?

No,Shakira is from Columbia.

What is Shakira child name?


Who is better Shakira or akon?


From which country is Shakira?

shakira is from columbia

Does Shakira have a son?

no Shakira has no chlidren

What is the birth name of Shakira Caine?

Shakira Caine's birth name is Baksh, Shakira.

Is Shakira a freemason?

No Shakira, the famous singer, is not a free mason as she has not used any signs in any of her songs, nor has she used any freemason signs in public, well at least not publicly and not in front of the paparazzi.Shakira is not a free mason, well that's what we know now.

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