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Sting is now back in TNA And he is the champion you can catch him on spike every Thursday at 9:00 pm and on the next ppv Sacrifice

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โˆ™ 2011-05-13 02:50:43
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Q: Where is Sting and how can you see him fight?
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Where does stingrays sting?

If your asking where does stingrays sting you, then they sting you where ever they see you, they might even sting you in the eye be careful when your diving!

Did the Ultimate Warrior ever fight sting?


Bees dont have to learn to sting they do it by what?

Typically they do it out of instinct, a fight or flight response.

What is the answer to the analogy ring is to sting as bee is to what?

Ring is to sting as bee is to tree (or see or any other rhyming word).

Can you see sting rays in Hawaii when snorkeling?


When do you see a snowball fight?

You will see a snowball fight when it is snowing.

Is the wrestler Sting still wrestling?

he might be if you see in the rafters

Who would win in a fight between a jellyfish and a stingray?

Jelly fish because they have a lot of tentacles that can sting.

How will know if the stinger is in the next day?

If a bee stings you and leaves the sting behind it will also leave the venom sac and the tissues around the sting. There is no mistaking the fact it is there. If you can't see anything, the sting was removed.

What do hammerhead sharks fight with?

Hammerheads fight with their teeth, of course, but also use their strange shaped head to pin sting rays to the sea floor so they can kill it.

How would a jellyfish catch a fish?

The jellyfish would use its tentacles to sting the fish. The sting is so powerful that the fish would be paralyzed before it could fight back, and it would quickly die.

What is the German word for sting?

to sting: stechensting as in bee sting: Stich

Were can stingrays sting you by there sting tail?

it is unposibe that sting could have a sting tail

What should you do if someone has a reaction to a bee sting?

Give them antihistamines and see a Dr.

Does it sting when a lot of water hits your back?

no i dont see why it would hurt. why?

Can all coral sting?

Yes this is a proof: when corals grow another coral is probably growing in the way the other one is there they fight they digest each other and they also live because fire corals can hurt or sting

What to do if you are stung by a bee or a wasp?

If you are stung by a bee the bee usually leaves it's sting in you, so you need to remove the sting. Do this by scrapping the sting out of your arm, toe etc Don't grab the end of the sting to pull it out you will put more of the bee venom into you. Then put some wet bicarbonate of soda on the sting area. If you are stung by a wasp there is no need to remove the sting the wasp does that. Put some vinegar on the sting site If you are allergic to wasp or bee stings you should see a doctor

Do wasps bite or sting URGENT?

They sting they sting.

Does yellow jacket sting cause a fever?

In most cases they will not, but you never know. If it gets too high you should see a doctor and mention the yellow jacket sting.

How can you treat a jellyfish sting?

Use seawater to rinse away the tentacles that are still on your skin, then use vinegar to help stop the sting. See the Related link below.

What chemical is the poison in a bee sting?

According to WVU's website (see related link), "The major chemical responsible for the pain of a honey bee sting is called melittin..."

Why do wasps sting?

they usually sting if they feel they are in danger. if you see the nest you should leave and get some spray for that. if you get stung once you should leave before stings more

Why do lions fight?

Lions and other lions fight to see who is the strongest. They also fight to see who will eat first and to protect their young from other prides.

Do bees sting other bugs?

when the queen bee dies... she has other bees ready to take her place. the to-be +Queens sting each other and fight till theres only one more left alive and the rest are dead-

Why does a bee-sting sting?

because simply you have been stung and therfore a bee sting will sting. this is the same for a wasp sting, a wasp sting also stings if you have been stung.