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The mint mark is located on the eagle side of the coin and is between the word " fine " and the eagle.

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Q: Where is West Point Mint Mark on 2014 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar?
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How much is a 2004 walking liberty silver dollar coin worth?

By the way, this coin should be carrying a "W" mint mark (short for West Point).

What is the value of a 2002 Walking Liberty silver dollar?

A 2002 American eagle Bullion Silver Dollar was minted only at West Point, thereby the coin only carries the mint mark of "W." In uncirculated condition, its value depends on the current price of 1 oz of silver; if the coin is in a proof state, the value is roughly double that. Currently silver is worth $32 per ounce. So they are worth about 32 dollars.

1937 w mint walking liberty half dollar?

The West Point Mint didn't exist in 1937. "W" is the initial of the coin's designer, A. A. Weinman. Please see the related question for more information.

What is the value of a 1996 walking liberty dollar coin?

Thew US Mint in 1996 produced the American Eagle Silver Bullion Dollar. It was minted in three locations: San Francisco ("S"); West Point ("W"); and, Phillie ("P"). The 1996 S and W were minted in a MS-65 and are worth $70.00; the "S" coin was minted in a proof state (PF-65) and is worth: $75.00.

What does the mint mark on a 2002 Liberty Silver Dollar look like?

All 2002 Silver Eagle coins were struck at the West Point mint, but only proof coins have the W mintmark. It is on the back (reverse) of the coin under the left wing.

Where do you get copies of the Beverly Hillbilly's episodes featuring Silver Dollar City?

May 16, 2010, Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri is celebrating its 50th anniversary. They are selling all the episodes film at Silver Dollar City in 1969 on DVD. You can visit and purchase a copy or check out There is Silver Dollar City, 399 Indian Point Road, Branson Missouri 65616

Wear is the flasher unit and what does it look like have not to this point been able to locate it?

in the fuse box : round and silver as a rule about the size of a silver dollar made of metal

What is a liberty walking half dollar minted in west point worth?

Please check again and post a new question. The West Point mint opened in 1988. Walking Liberty halves were struck from 1916 to 1947. I think you're looking at the monogram of the designer, A. A. Weinman. If the coin is dated 1916, the mint mark is under the date. 1918 and later, on the back at the 8:00 position near the edge. 1917 could be in either place. The mint mark would be a D or S; if no mint mark, then the coin is from Philadelphia. Your new question should of course also include the coin's date, which you didn't provide originally.

2007 uncirculated silver dollar with no mint mark where was it made?

The term "Silver Dollar" is a widely used [and Misused] term. Is this in fact a coin which says One US Dollar? There are many 'coins' minted today by private firms with as much as 100% silver and since they are not afiliated with the US Treasury, they would not have a mint mark such as you would find on uUS coins in normal [or former] circulation. It is also possible that you have a 'Silver Eagle' which is an authorized US coin. If so, it will have Lady Liberty in a flowing robe, the sun at her feet, and 'In GOD We Trust' to the side. On the back, you should see a bald eagle with 13 stars above his head representing the 13 original colonies, and "One once fine silver One Dollar" printed around the edge. This coin was minted at the US mint in West Point, New York. It is a legal-tender coin, but don't let it go for a dollar! Last time I checked, it was worth over $16.

What does liberty mean on a penny?

The phrase Liberty and the symbol of the Eagle were legislatively required. At one point it meant our money was honest and free (gold and silver). Now that we slave to the Federal Reserve, it means you have the freedom to line their pockets.

What does ms-69 condition mean for silver dollar?

It means the coin is nearly perfect condition. The rating of MS69 is on a 70 point scale.

What is the value of a 1943 W walking Liberty half dollar?

Please see the Related Question for estimated values. "W" is the designer's monogram rather than a mint mark. At that time the mint mark position on half dollars was located on the reverse side, and in any case the West Point Mint has never struck circulation coins.