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roaches are found in bath rooms and the kicthen but if you tourn of your lites thay will come out thay are also nockturnal

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Q: Where is a cockroach found?
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What is the difference between the cockroach and the grasshopper?

the difference of this is that the cockroach has a wing and can fly while the grasshopper does'nt have a wing but it can jump high. Grasshoppers are found in the grass & the cockroaches are found in a dirty places.

Where can the egg case of a cockroach most likely be found?

Around a cockroach egg.

Which type of antenna is found in a cockroach?

i think filiform type of antenna are present in cockroach.

Where is the German cockroach found?

I suppose you're talking about the insect? The German Cockroach can be found anywhere. They do best in warmer climates but can live in cold climates within human establishments. These roaches are originally from Russia, not Germany, and are closely related to the Asian Cockroach.

Where is madagascan hissing cockroach found?


Where is a Madagascar hissing cockroach found?

In Madagascar!

What protein is found in the exoskeleton of a cockroach?


What does a hissing cockroach use to breathe?

The hissing cockroach uses some holes that are found on its body to breathe. These small holes are known as spiracles and are commonly found in the abdominal area.

Is a cockroach a consumer or decomposer?

A cockroach is a decomposer, feeding on dead and decaying plants and animals. When the cockroach defecates it releases all of the essential nutrients from that matter therefore fertilizing the forest floors on which they can be found.

What parasites are found in the gut of the cockroach?

i cannot accurately answer this, but on two occasions when i killed cockroaches, minute centipedes exited the back of the cockroach

What is the scientific name of a flying cockroach?

The scientific name of the flying cockroach is Blattella asahinai. The Asian cockroach is better-known as the flying cockroach because of the long, narrow wings that allow it to fly. It was first found in the United States in the Lakeland, Florida area in 1986.

Garlic used in killing especially cockroach?

Last night I caught a cockroach in a plastic box with small hole (for breath). I cut the garlic into small pieces and dropped-in the box. Today morning I found that cockroach was dead. So I think, Garlic kills the cockroach.

On earth what organism is found most often?

Cockroach the only place its not found in is the north pole

Can a cockroach live through winter?

I thought no and then I found live ones in my fridge.

What protein is found at the exoskeleton of cockroach?

The protein is called Chitin.

How many chromosomes are found in cockroach?


How are frog eggs different from cockroach eggs?

The frog eggs are found in the water cockroach eggs are found above ground near garbage or mold. Frog eggs are jelly coated.Cockroach eggs are hard brown or black in a some what hard and soft shell.

What is the difference between a cockroach and a beetle?

A beetle can be found in almost all habitats and a cockroach is more choosy about where they live. Beetles serve a purpose to the ecosystem and cockroaches do not play a very big part in that system.

Can a cockroach eat another cockroach?

Yes, a cockroach might eat another cockroach if it is already dead.

What are the different types of roach?

There are many types of cockroaches. These include the American cockroach, the smokeybrown cockroach, oriental cockroach, brown banded cockroach, as well as the German cockroach.

What is the origin of cockroach?

The cockroach is from European countries and the United States. Cockroaches have been on the earth for over 300 million years. Fossils of cockroaches have been found that are dated back to the Carboniferous period in the evolution of the earth.

What is the overall picture of the digestive system of a cockroach?

I found a few images when i typed "digestive system of cockroach" into Google images. I'm not sure exactly how in-depth you need it to be, but try this one in the Related Link below.

What sounds does and oriental cockroach make?

The Oriental cockroach which is most often found outside near water sources, only makes very soft clicking sounds. They are very hard to hear with the human ear.

What is the Excretory organ in cockroach?

the excretory organ of cockroach is the malpighain tubules. it is found at the junction of the midgut and hind gut and are about 150 in numbers, they are fine yellow in color and branched in thread present in bundles. they lie freely in the hacmolymph.

What is the smallest cockroach?

The smallest cockroach in the world is the micro Helli. The cockroach is 3mm long.