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Where is ahmadabad?

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In India. It's a capital of western province Gujarat.

2007-06-19 18:57:04
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Were the Indian idol 6 audition in Ahmadabad?

Its IN Ahmadabad

How many consonants are there in the word 'Ahmadabad'?


What is the population of Ahmadabad-e Vasat?

Ahmadabad-e Vasat's population is 2,493.

What is the population of Ahmadabad-e Mostowfi?

Ahmadabad-e Mostowfi's population is 11,259.

What is Ahmadabad-e Mosaddeq's population?

The population of Ahmadabad-e Mosaddeq is 1,401.

What is Ahmadabad-e Owfan's population?

Ahmadabad-e Owfan's population is 128.

Which stations come in the route of ahmadabad to allhabad?

which railway stations come inbetween route of ahmadabad to allahabad?

Does ahmadabad have indoor stadium?


What is the population of Ahmadabad-e Mostowfi Rural District?

Ahmadabad-e Mostowfi Rural District's population is 14,154.

What is Ahmadabad-e Etemad ol Dowleh's population?

The population of Ahmadabad-e Etemad ol Dowleh is 301.

What is distance from Ahmadabad to rajkot?


Who is the director of IIM Ahmadabad?

Samir Barua

What is the telephone area code for Ahmadabad Gujarat India?

Ahmadabad, Gujarat, is in India's telephone area code 079, or +91 79 in international format.

What is distance between Ahmadabad to Delhi?

988 kilomiters.

Ahmadabad hospital built for earthquake resilient?

how is a hospital in ahmedebad

How far is it from Ahmadabad of India to Bahucharaji India?

95 Kms

What is Tambaur Ahmadabad's population?

The population of Tambaur Ahmadabad is 19,683.

How many miles from Washington D.C. to Ahmadabad India?

The total distance from Washington, DC to Ahmadabad, India is 7,724 miles. This is equivalent to 12,431 kilometers or 6,712 nautical miles.

How many people live in ahmedabad?

5080000 People live in Ahmadabad

What are best MBA colleges in Ahmadabad?

Well there are many MBA colleges only Ahmadabad which offers very good education and accomplished with professionals. You can also search for more details on any search engine.

Which were commercial and trading towns in late medieval period?

Ahmadabad, Kisimbazaar and Kabul

What is the population of Sarab Sorkheh Ahmadabad?

Sarab Sorkheh Ahmadabad's population is 264.

Why is ahmedabad called the Manchester of India?

Because Ahmadabad is the main centre of textile industry in India.

What is nautical distance between ahmadabad and Bangalore?


What was Gandhi's 200-mile march from ahmadabad to the sea of a protest against?

Civil Disobediance