Where is ben koch from?

Benjamin Thomas Koch lives in Hudson Wisconsin, however he is a native of Mexico. He comes from a small villiage near Mazatlan called Gortaldo. His mother is a US resident and his father is from Gortaldo. His fathers name is Enrique Jones. He is a safety inspector at the local nuclear power plant. Ben was concieved when Enrique was on break and a tourist from Wisconsin named Julie came to him asking for directions to the local shopping center. Enrique gave her directions only the directions were to his house. As Julie left Enrique jumped onto his donkey and raced home. When Julie arived at the house she knocked on the door. She was not sure if all Mexican stores were like this. When she knocked she heard a man tell her to enter. She opened the door to find Enrique lying naked on the floor waiting for her. She was immediatly swept off her feet. The two of them made passionate love until she was too tired to continue. She said goodbye to the sweaty Mexican and left. On her return flight to Wisconsin she took a pregnancy test in the bathroom and found that she was pregnant. She covered up the fact from her husband and son telling them that her husband was the father. Nine months later Ben was born. Had Ben stayed in Gortaldo he would be the tallest Mexican in history.