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In Bihar
Bihar is a state in India. It lies in the eastern region and is the 12th largest state by area and 3rd largest by population. its capital is Patna, which is also the biggest city.
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What is the capital of Bihar?

Answer \n. \n Patna is the capital of Bihar in North India.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \n Patna is the capital of Bihar and Bihar is a state of India .. patna

Who is the President of Bihar?

Bihar has a Chief Minister instead of a President. Currently (as of8/2015), the Chief Minister is Nitish Kumar.

Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar?

As of December 2009, the current Chief Minister of Bihar is Nitish Kumar (born March 1, 1951) who is in his second stint as Chief Minister. His first lasted just a week between March 3, and March 10, 2000, before having to resign. His second stint saw him open up with a victory for the National Demo ( Full Answer )

Who was the first governor of Bihar?

The first governer of bihar was J Daulatram from 15 August 1947 to 11 January 1948.. The first governer of bihar before independence was Sir James Sifton from 1 April 1936 to 11 March 1937.

What is the literacy rate of bihar?

\n According to Census of India the literacy rate of Bihar was 47.53% in year 2001 . The male literacy was 60.32% while the female literacy rate was 33.57% in the same year.

What is postal code of bihar?


What is the telephone area code for Saharsa Bihar India?

Saharsa, Bihar, is in India's telephone area code 06478 , which is +91 6478 ininternational format. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number in full internationalformat, starting with the plus sign. The most common pre ( Full Answer )

Who is the first Chief minister of Bihar?

The first Chief Minister of Bihar was Sri Krishna Singh of the Indian National Congress, who took office on April 2, 1946, and left office on January 31, 1961, being replaced by Deep Narayan Singh.\n

What is Bihars population?

As per the latest Census data, compiled in 2001, the population of Bihar was 82,998,509, making it the third largest state of India by population.\n

How many district are their in Bihar?

Check the full list of Districts of Bihar in an alphabetical manner here - http://www.biharspider.com/resources/2437-Districts-Bihar-Names.aspx or here

What are the effects of bihar flood 2008?

The flood killed 250 people and forced nearly 3 million people from their homes in Bihar. [13] More than 300,000 houses were destroyed and at least 340,000 hectares (840,000 acres) of crops were damaged. [14] Villagers in Bihar ate raw rice and flour mixed with polluted water. Hunger and disea ( Full Answer )

What is called the sorrow of bihar?

The nom de plume "The Sorrow of Bihar" refers to the Kosi (also spelt Koshi) river, one of the largest tributaries of the Ganges, which runs between Nepal and India.\n

List of top cities of bihar?

List of cities in bihar by 2001 census(population in lakhs) . Patna 16.98 . Gaya 3.95 . Bhagalpur 3.50 . Muzzaffarpur 3.06 . Darbhangha 2.67 . Bihar 2.32 . Arrah 2.03

Why Bihar is backward?

The Indian state of Bihar has a low literacy rate, of around 52 percent. This translates to a rate of around 59.7 percent for males and 33.1 percent for females. The sex ratio is around 108.8, that is, for every 100 females, there are 108.8 males - in a population of nearly 83 million. This is the t ( Full Answer )

Pind Daan ceremony in Gaya Bihar India why?

we are the main preists or panda or Brahmans(Gayawal pandas) of Gayaji ,and we offer pinddaan services for all the people belonging from Hindu Culture in any parts of India and Other Countries,If you want to travel Gaya for pind daan and you have no idea or you are worry,how to reach Gaya or how to ( Full Answer )

Why sex ratio of Bihar is lowest?

Sex ratio in Bihar is way better than majority of states in India. The lowest sex ratio is in Haryana.

What is the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of Bihar?

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How many municipal corporation in Bihar?

Bihar has 11 Municipal corporations. They are: 1. Patna 2. Gaya 3. Bhagalpur 4. Muzaffarpur 5. Biharshariff 6. Arrah 7. Darbhanga 8. Begusarai 9. Munger 10. Purnia 11. Katihar

What caste is Roy in Bihar?

Roy is not a title in bihar, Rai is and it mostly is the title of the Gwalas.

Why is river kosi sorrow of bihar?

The Kosi River that flows from Nepal to India was known as the "Sorrow of Bihar", because it had caused widespread human sufferingin the past & at present. the embankments built on both sidesof the Kosi few decades back have temporarily helped to controlthis river. It is feared that very soon the Ko ( Full Answer )

What caste is rai in bihar?

mostly bhumihar brahmin use Rai title in bihar they are in genralcatogary and belongs to upper caste. Rai people are landlords andbig zamindars in bihar

What is The Rising Bihar - TRB?

TRB is an awakening tale of those young, enthusiastic Bihari people, who met one another on internet, at social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook.It was founded by Shirish Chandra Mishra in July 2010. It's official website is http://therisingbihar.com/. It has been registered as a charitable ( Full Answer )

How do you get a business trade license from bihar government?

There are two ways of getting trade license in Bihar. 1. You can make application with municipal corporation office ofyour district. 2. Some of municipal authorities do not have their bye-laws readytill yet, then you can make application under Bihar Shop &Establishment Act for getting Trade License. ( Full Answer )

Who is the best dentist in Patna Bihar for dental implant?

This is an interesting question. Probably first question being asked about dentists in Patna, Bihar. There are various good dentists in Patna. But when we talk about high end dental treatment there are not many dentists in Patna, Bihar. Most of the dental clinic may boast about dental implant, ( Full Answer )

Total Distirct in Bihar?

no. of district in bihar is 38 no. of division is 9 no of sub division is 101 are you satisfied from my answer or not. plz email me abt wt u think abt Bihar and if u have any question abt bihar then contact me you can mail me at "rohit32raj@gmail.com" jai hind jai bharat aur jai bihar

Why is bihar so poor?

People have very little education with only 8% of the population reaching upper primary school. People rent land to farm, and can only cope with farming enough to keep their family alive.

What is Gomia in Bihar famous for?

The town of Gomia is famous for commercial explosives. 80% of its economy depends on an IEL factory known as Imperial Chemical Industries.

How many square feet is one katha in bihar?

A Katha is 1/20 of a bigha. In Bihar, one katha may vary from 750 sq ft to 2000 sq ft. Best to call a lawyer, a surveyor, or the town hall in your specific locality.

Chaudhary belongs to which caste in bihar?

chaudhary belongs to haryanwi rajput....which are brough bu sikhs 10 th guru gobind singh....but in 1952 they are announced as sc by indian government.....however they are indian rajput....and they do not belong to sc.

Why Bihar called Bihar?

Bihar, to the Buddists, is the Holy Place to visit and live in. Places like Buddhgaya, Sarnath symbolize sacred land associated with meditation and renunciation of Lord Buddha.

What is the role of bhagalpur in development of bihar?

bhagalpur is a major producer of tasar sillk in india.it will be marked now as G.I mark .it has many tourist places like vikramsila,mandar,jain mandin,manaskamna mandir, sultangang,bateswar sthan etc.it is also major producer of maize,lichi,mango,banana,sunflower. so it can play major role in develo ( Full Answer )

Are kakan rajput also exist in bihar?

yes, kakan clan of rajput also exists in Bihar. There are 16 kakandominated villages in old Shahabad district of Bihar and a few ofthem are - Ahpura, Dihra, Dullahpur, Labhuyani, Ankarua, Siyaruaetc. Likwise, there are twelve villages in Darbhanga district and adozen of villages in Balia, Azamgadh, ( Full Answer )

What is the fees for php course in bihar?

There are various script languages that are the base to develop awebsite and PHP is one among them. One can use this language tosupport many applications and platforms. But all you need is a goodtraining institute to get a proper hang of it. Learning Slot hasprofessionals who has mastered PHP and ha ( Full Answer )

When celebrated Krishna janmastami in 1984 in bihar?

In 1984, Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated on August 20 in Bihar. Janmashtami is a celebration of the birth of Krishna, a Hindu deity. The celebration day occurs in the month of Shraavana which is August- September on the Western Calendar.

What type of soil is found in bihar?

There are three major types of soil in Bihar: Piedmont Swamp Soil - foundin northwestern part of west Champaran district. Terai Soil - foundin northern part of the state along the border of Nepal. TheGangetic Alluvium - the plain of Bihar is covered by gangeticalluvium (both new as well as old).