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Where is blaine in Pokemon Blue?


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Blaine is on Cinnabar Island


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Blaine specializes in fire type pokemon.

Blaine uses fire type Pokemon.

In his Gym but to get in you have you have to find the key in the old building to the west. (The building is on cinnabar island also).

It is given to you after you bet can't fight him till after you defeat Blaine.

you go to cinnibar island then talk to blue (gary) then you battle him in viridian city gym.

Yes, Blaine did have a Magmar in "Pokémon."

Blaine is located East of Cinnabar Island, his gym is where the Seafoam islands used to be. I think you have to talk to Gary/Blue on Cinnabar Island while you're there to face him later as well.

After you get 7 badges go to Cinnabar Island and talk to blue (go to the left of the Pokemon center). If you see him before you defeat Blaine, Blue will not fight you. he will ask you to fight Blaine and defeat him. then go back to cinnabar, talk to Blue, and he will ask u to go to the gym and fight him.

You can fight the Kanto Gym Leaders in any order, except Brock, Blaine, and Green/Blue.

According to Pokemon Red and Green/Blue, Blaine has a Growlithe at level 42, Ponyta at level 40, Rapidash at level 42, and Arcanine at level 47.

Blaine is on Cinnabar Island in Leaf-Green. He is the gym leader there.

You have to beat the other gyms. If you already haven't found Blaine, try to find Blaine because he isn't at Cinnabar Island. If Misty was the second to last gym leader, go to Cinnabar to challenge Blue.

Blaine is on the seafoam islands since the volcano on cinnabar island exploded. You will find him in a cave.

Defeat Blaine. Bill will ask you if you want to go.

He is in the gym at Cinnabor Island.

seafaom islands up the ladder

Go to blue and talk to him then surf far right to a small cave,beat the trainers,blaine is in the centre

You can only get it on the Red/Blue/Yellow Versions by surfing one square off of the coast of cinnabar island (the island where you fight the gym leader Blaine).

Somewhere in the pokemon mansion is a key that opens up the cinnabar gym. You need to beat some trainers and then you can battle Blaine. Hope that helps.

One way to beat Leader Blaine is to have really strong Pokemon. Another is to have alot of fire types.

wich one blaine or pryce pryce is in mahogany town blaine is in the seafoam islands

The 7th leader is Blaine. He uses fire pokemon.

Blaine is in the sea foam islands and blue is on cinabar island, you have to verse blue last then go up to mt silver and verse red.

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