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Where is fuel pump on a 1991 Chevy Cheyenne truck?


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You must remove the fuel tank , the fuel pump is located inside the tank.

Anything after about 1991 is fuel injected. However, you can enter your VIN number into google, and click on a website that has the information for that truck, and it should tell you the type of fuel injection that it has. For example, I have a 1994 Cheyenne 5.0L TBI. This means that it is THROTTLE BODY INJECTED. Yours should be similar.

It is important for the owner to know the fuel tank capacity of their vehicle. The fuel tank capacity of a 1991 Chevy 3500 pickup is 20 gallons.

That truck doesn't have a carburetor. It has a throttle body fuel injection system.

If a 1988 Chevy Cheyenne dies when it is put into gear, check the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is not getting adequate fuel, it will cause the car to die.

A 1993 Chevy does not have a carburetor, it is fuel injected.

It is inside of the fuel tank.

It is inside of the fuel tank. You can either raise the bed up alittle to remove it from the top of the tank or you can drop the tank from underneith the truck.

It has an electric fuel pump inside of the fuel tank.

to change the fuel pump on a 1997 Chevrolet cheyenne you have to either drop the fuel tank or lift the bed off

You can find a fuel line diagram for a 1988 Chevy Cheyenne in the vehicle's owner's manual. You can also find it at various auto stores.

IT is in the fuel tank. IT is in the fuel tank.

At the top - tank will probably have to be removed for access

The 1974 Chevy truck has a mechanical fuel pump with a built in pressure regulator.

in the fuel tank. it was easier for me to unbolt and remove the bed to gain access to the fuel pump.

remove the bed of the truck.....

It controls / regulates the fuel pressure.

The fuel pump for the 1991 Chevy Sprint is inside of the fuel tank. There is an access plate in the tank top to access the pump.

where i the fuse for a fuel pump on 1991 gmc truck

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