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Where is graphite found in Canada?

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Graphite in CanadaThere are 2 types of graphite - natural and synthetic. Natural graphite is black with a sub-metallic lustre, feels greasy and stains the fingers. Graphite is found mainly in METAMORPHIC ROCKS, most frequently in schist and as small crystals in impure marbles in association with other minerals.

Timcal Canada Inc, in Lac-des-�les, Quebec, is the only graphite producer in Canada. Other producing countries are Ukraine, Brazil, India, North Korea, Republic of Korea and Mexico.

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Where is graphite found?

graphite is found in Canada

Is graphite made in Canada?

Graphite is not made in Canada; it is a natural element.

Is carbon found in graphite?

Graphite is carbon, so yes, carbon is found in graphite.

Where is grapite found?

In nature, graphite is found as flake, vein, or amorphous form. Graphite is polymorph of carbon. Graphite is a non-metal that is a conductor of electricity.

Where is graphite for pencils found?

sometimes under ground.but as graphite is a rock it is mostly found in its rocky form

What countries can the mineral graphite be found in?

Graphite is mainly found in parts of North and South Korea, West Germany and Mexico.

Is graphite a sedimentary rock?

no, graphite is a mineral. There is a difference between minerals and rocks, though graphite can be found in sedimentary rocks.

What mineral is found in a pencil?


Which minerals are found in graphite?


What element is found in diamond and graphite?


What minerals are found in a pencil?

Carbon and graphite.

What begins with g that is found in a pencil?


Where is graphite found in New York?


Is graphite mostly found in US?

it is found in every country of the world!

Is Graphite found close to the Earth's crust?

Yes, it is. You can read more here:

Found in these forms charcoal graphite diamond?


What type of rocks is graphite found in?

igneous rocks

What elements found in pencil?

graphite,lead and carbon

What matter is found in pencil?

Graphite is used in pencils.

Which district of tamilnadu is graphite found largely?


Is graphite found in the US?

Yes, there are some very large reserves of graphite in the US. However, graphite is no longer mined in the US because graphite can be synthetically produced using petroleum coke. Petroleum coke is much more pure and economic form of graphite.

What kinds of metals are found in grafite?

Graphite is composed of pure carbon, a non-metallic element. So there are no metals in graphite

What mineral are pencils made out of?

The core of a pencil is a mixture of graphite and clay. Graphite is a form of carbon that is found in some rocks .

What element is found in charcoal graphite and diamond form?


Is lead found in pencils?

Not in modern pencils. They contain graphite.

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