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Samuel de Champlain is generally recognized as having been the "Father of Canada."

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John Cabot found Canada.

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It definitely helped, but I think that these answers need a little bit more.... detail.

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Q: Who found Canada?
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No, it's found in West Canada.

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What is the capital of Canada and what province is it found in?

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. It is found in the province of Ontario.

Where is most of Canada's population found?

The most of Canada's population is found in the Southern Part.

What in Canada is alternative biomass and earth and geothermal found?

It is found all over Canada.

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Canada. Did you mean continent?

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in Canada.

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tepees are found in canada

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Hudson Bay is found in Canada. It is a large body of saltwater in northeastern Canada.

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Red Foxes are found in the northen parts of canada such as nunavut.