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In Haryana
Haryana is a state in north India, bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, and Rajasthan to the west and south.
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Climatic conditions of haryana?

Climate in Haryana is comparable to the rest of India's northernplains. The weather during summer months can be extreme reachingtemperatures of 104 degree Fahrenheit. About 80 percent of therainfall happens in Haryana during the months of July, August, andSeptember.

Ranking of Haryana engineering colleges?

Please find the rankwise list of Haryana Engg. colleges- 1. Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram Univ. of Sc. and Tech, Murthal, Sonipat 2. YMCA Institute of Engg, Faridabad 3. Seth Jaiprakash Mukandlal Inst. of Engg and Tech, Radaur, Yamunanagar 4. University Instt. of Engg. and Tech, Kurukshetra Uni ( Full Answer )

What is a list of engineering colleges in Haryana?

Rank wise list of engineering colleges in Haryana. 1. Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram Univ. of Sc. and Tech, Murthal, Sonipat 2. YMCA Institute of Engg, Faridabad 3. Seth Jaiprakash Mukandlal Inst. of Engg and Tech, Radaur, Yamunanagar 4. University Instt. of Engg. and Tech, Kurukshetra Universit ( Full Answer )

Best Engineering college in haryana?

- Prannath Parnami Institute of Management & Technology, Hisar (ppimt.org) -apeejay college of engineering sohna. www.apeejay.edu -Emax Institute of Engineering & Technology (www.emaxinstitutes.com)

Top engg colleges of haryana?

\ncheck this link u will find many engineering colleges. just simply copy n paste it to ur browser.\nhttp://www.way2college.com/EngineeringColleges.php\ndo give ur feedback.

What is the rank of CITM faridabad in haryana?

CITM Faridabad ranks amongst the top few engineering schools in Haryana. Getting a seat with CITM or ITM means that you have gotten yourself into a premium engineering college. Ranks are rather hard to find, but keeping your deeper interest in mind, I'd like to add that at the end of the day, its ( Full Answer )

Top ten engineering colleges of haryana?

TOP TEN COLLEGES IN HARYANA (RANK WISE) 1. NIT Kurukshetra 2. YMCA Institute of Engg, Faridabad 3. Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram Univ. of Sc. and Tech, Murthal, Sonipat 4. Emax Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ambala 5. Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar 6. ( Full Answer )

What is the rank of uiet of mdu in haryana?

It's one of the best college in haryana.it comes in top engineering colleges of haryana due to its improved infrastructure and good placement records.. i must say now uiet hold ist rank in haryana. it have largest mechanical workshop in haryana. For mechanical graduates ,you cann't get better colle ( Full Answer )

Which is the best engineering collage in haryana?

hi this is jitendra rastogi from meerut . i just want to know that if u have faciality to test or examine metal plz send me email bcz i m eager to know the metal examination what i have or business i supposed to conduct.

What do people eat in haryana?

People of Haryana use to eat Milk and Milk product like Curd,Butter, Ghee with Rotu (Bread) or Prantha.and Chatni.

WHAT IS haryana famous for?

Haryana is famous for its culture (Dressing and tradition), Food (Milk, Butter,Dahi, Veg. Food like Roti), History (Shri Krishan gave his massege here in Kurukshetra, HR) Study (Asia's Largest Univeristies in field of Agriculture), Industory ( India's Largest Industory in field of Automobiles) Sport ( Full Answer )

When haryana pmt form will be available?

This is in the news that there will not be any separate application form for Haryana PMT. There will be Single Medical Entrance Test...

Mullana university is at what rank in haryana?

MM UNIVERSITY MULLANA AMBALA HARYANA is been ranked no 1 university of haryana by a reputed magazine competition success review. Csr ranks mmu mullana no 1 in haryana and 10th best engineering college of excellence in india. This survey was done by CSR GHRDC 2009 .

What is eaten in haryana?

Main food in Haryana is Milk, Curd, Roti (made up of wheat flour). In northern region, rice is one of the main components of food.

Rank of uiet kuk in haryana?

uiet kuk placement is greatly improves in previous three years . each year nearby 90 percent students got placements in highly reputated companies.Electronics Labs are highly best in this institute.I think that it is a institute in which every engineering student want to study.

What are the capitals of Punjab and Haryana?

The capital of Punjab (India) is Chandigarh. The capital of Punjab (Pakistan) is Lahore. The capital of Haryana (India) is Chandigarh. The city of Chandigarh is a Union Territory of India, and not partof either the state of Punjab or the state of Haryana, although itserves as the capital of both st ( Full Answer )

Counseling of d-ed haryana?

You may check the full detail for Haryana D.Ed. Admission Form andApplications, counselling and toher detail at official website ofHaryana Board as Haryana D.Ed. is conducted by HBSE every year.

Is singhania university valid in haryana?

Singhania University is recognized by UGC. Since UGC is all India body therefore it has to be recognised in Haryana & rest of India. For more information on this issue feel free to call me on 0-9821269898 Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Can_i_do_Mphil_from_singhania_university_is_it_recogniz ( Full Answer )

How do you get admission in engineering college in haryana?

if u want to do engineering then why haryana..haryana having a lotof colleges but they are not providing gud placement and as well asgud quality of education also...so if u want to go in northIndia...then no need to worry..u can do ur degree from there...infact about Punjab, this state having few en ( Full Answer )

Why Punjab and haryana have same capital?

Aryan and Punjab have the same capital because It is the capital of both. At one point Haryana was part of Punjab (including West Punjab in Pakistan, areas of Kashmir, and areas of Afghanistan), but after British rule, these areas were split up. Chandigarh was right in the middle of where the split ( Full Answer )

Ranking of haryana engg colleges?

rank 1 apeejay college of engineering gurgaon it is the best college in the haryana because here study is not matter in any stage.... aur yaha k student sabse jyada masti karte h... aur sath m mass bank bhi yahi pe jyada hote h....aur student bhi yahi k university m top karte h .....aur placement ( Full Answer )

What is the sex ratio of haryana?

The sex ratio of Haryana (state of India) is 902 females (1000 male) in 1991and in 2001 820 females (1000males)as per both census of India.

List of tehsils in district haryana?

Haryana me total mundel - 4 (ambala,hisar, rohtak, gurgoan) total tehsils- 70 total districts- 21 up mandal - 48 villages- 6,956 kasbe- 43 up tehsils- 43 block- 119

Who is the sports minister of haryana?

The Ministry was with Sh. Sukhbir Kataria who was Minister ofStates and was also handling Sports & Youth Affairs (Attachedwith CM). Now after new Governance in Haryana, it is given to Sh. Anil Vij . Now Sh. Anil Vij is Sports & Youth AffairsMinister with other department minister i.e. Health & Medic ( Full Answer )

What is the rank of MDU in Haryana?

whats the rank of MDU in haryana It does not have any rank. It have nothing like that as have been answered. The teachers does not take classes in Electronics and commnications branch. And in sessionals also, teachers do not check sessionals and syllabus have never been completed. If any one wants ( Full Answer )

What is the religion of haryana?

There is nothing called as religion of Haryana. But, most of the population in the state are of Hindus. Few northern districts have Sikhs. South-East region (Mewat, Palwal and few areas of Gurgaon district) have muslim density.

What is the urban area of Haryana?

The Cities of Haryana come into the Urban Areas where HUDA- Haryana Urban Development Authority setup the town colonies like model Town, Sectors etc.

What is the first capital of haryana?

the first capital of haryana was Chandigarh as it is now. AsHaryana and Punjab were one state whose Capital wasChandigarh.

How many distict in haryana?

There are 21 disticts in Haryana state 2013-1014 which are named as . 1.. Faridabad. 2. Hisar. 3. Bhiwani. 4. Gurgaon. 5. Karnal. 6. Sonipat. 7. Jind. 8. Sirsa. 9. Yamunanagar. 10. Panipat. 11. Ambala. 12. Mewat. 13. Kaithal. 14. Rohtak. 15. Palwal. 16. Kurukshetra. ( Full Answer )

Is delhi in haryana?

No, Delhi is Saperste state like Haryana. boundary of Delhi touchesHaryana. But they both are saperate states.

How do you check pf of haryana police?

If you are part of the National Provident Fund - You can visit your nearest EPF office or try to check your balance online in the EPF website. If your company has thousands of employees and has its own PF fund, then you need to contact your employer.

Where is haryana located?

Haryana is located in northern part of India. It has Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh in its North, Rajasthan in South-West and South and Uttar Pradesh in east. It covers Delhi from three sides.

What is the famous dish of haryana?

Famous food of Haryana is the same as punjabi food. Panjabi food is misunderstood of present Punjab state. Actually panjabi food belongs to Greater Punjab. And Haryana was also the part of greater panjab. Therefore food is same. People eat all the panjabi (G.Panjab) food.

What is the old name of Haryana India?

HariAana is the real name of haryana. Hari = Hari (Sanskrit: हरि) has many meanings and sometimes refers to a colour, green, yellow, or fawn-coloured/khaki. It is the colour of the Sun and of Soma. The word Hari is widely used in Dharmic literature as worshipable lord covering Hind ( Full Answer )

What is the warehouse construction cost in haryana and Punjab?

The constructions costs for setting up a warehouse in Haryana and Punjab can not be predicted since there is not standard price for construction. It depends on the vicinity, city, size of plot, and type of material that will be used in construction.

How many district are there in haryana in 1998?

There are a total of 21 districts in Harayana. That number has notchanged since 1998. These districts are located in four divisionswhich are Ambala, Gurgaon, Hisak and Rohtak.

What has the author Nikhil Haryana written?

Nikhil Haryana has written: 'Abiotic stress' -- subject(s): Plants, Effect of stress on, Adaptation, Plant physiology, Plant genomes, Research