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Where is heavy water used?


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heavy warer is used in power plants , especially nuclear power plants hope i helped:)

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Heavy water is used in making hydrogen bombs.

Heavy water is used in Nuclear reaction as a coolant, moderator and shield

heavy water is used for testing

Heavy water is used in nuclear reactors as moderator for neutrons.

heavy water plant should be near to fertilizer industry because heavy water is also used in manufacturing fertilizers and pesticides.

Heavy water is not used directly in the hydrogen bomb. The deuterium in the heavy water is separated and reacted with lithium metal to make lithium deuteride. Lithium deuteride is a dry powder that is the fusion fuel for hydrogen bombs.

It is used to move heavy objects that can't be lifted by a human. You use water to move the heavy object.

Heavy water is water with some gases extracted.if you put it in a barrel and put the barrel in water the barrel would sink.Theonly reason Hitler wanted heavy water was because heavy water is used in atomic bombs.the only place he could get the heavy water was Norway. fortunately the Brit's blew up the only cargo ship carrying the heavy water back to Germany...some heavy water is lost in a lake somewhere in norway...lost in time forever.

Heavy water absorbs fewer neutrons than light water, so it enables natural uranium to be used without enrichment. In Candu reactors it is used as moderator in a separate calandria tank, as well as coolant.

how heavy is 1000 lts of water

It can be light water, heavy water, or graphite

Heavy water occurs naturally in all water in a proportion of about one part in twenty million. In order to get a certain amount of heavcy water you have to isolate the heavy molecules out of a large quantity of water. The Germans used fresh water because there would have been no point in having to desalinize before they could even begin isolating the heavy water from the regular water. Heavy water is heavy because one of the hydrogen atoms in the water molecule has a neutron in its nucleus along with the proton.

Hard water contains dissolved minerals in large quantities Heavy water is an isotope of water used nuclear reactors, it contains the deuterium isotope of hydrogen in the molecules

Water (H2), or heavy water (D2O). Sometimes, liquid sodium is used.

Many pressurized water reactors use "regular" water (light water) as a primay coolant. That means that "only heavy water" is not a rule as regards reactor design. Reactor design specifies the coolant to be used.

Heavy water is a deuterated water with the chemical formula D2O.

So you take some water...a lot of it. Then you have heavy water.

"Heavy Water" still has the formula H2O, but the hydrogen in the water has a neutron as well as a proton- much like Helium does. It still has it's one electron however. Heavy water is used in NMR as a solvent for organic chemicals in proton NMR- to avoid interference on the spectra.

A swimsuit is not very heavy it only get a little heavy when we come out of water as it retains water

The chemical formula of heavy water is D2O.

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