Where is kaitao middle school?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Bell Road Rotorua Bay Of Plenty New Zealand

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Q: Where is kaitao middle school?
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What school do lilly go?

she goes to kaitao

Where did Temuera Morrison go to school?

He went to Selwyn Primary school, Rotorua, Then he went to Kaitao Intermediate, Then to Western Heights High school for 2 years, then to Wesley Collage, for 2 years. BECAME HEAD BOY OF WESLEY COLLAGE!!! And member of the 1st Fifteen!!

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How Is Honesty Shown ?is to trust one another and to be responsible and be trusted with others stuff !do the right thing's guy's and don't lie , tell the truth . it's hard . but you feel betterwhen you tell the truth and by you know it , it will be all over , but lies travel with you everywhereP.S KAITAO MIDDLE SCHOOL IS THE BOMBLOCATION : BELL ROAD ,WESTERN HIEGHTS, ROTORUA , NEW ZEALAND , PLANET EARTH

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