Where is location of liver?


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Right side of the abdomen, under the lower ribs extending into the abdomen at the bottom

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That would depend on the precise location of the cyst.

emulsifying fats its location under liver

The exact location of the liver is in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, just under the diaphragm, above the right kidney and gallbladder. Most people cannot feel their liver because it is underneath the lower part of the right ribcage.

The gallbladder is located behind the liver on the right side of the rib cage. It hits up against the under surface of the liver.

The liver, gallbladder and pancreas all play an important role in the digestion of food and are all located close to one another. The gallbladder is slightly below and slightly behind the liver.

The spleen is located just near the liver. It is kind of overlapped behind the stomach.

CT or ultrasound can be used to guide the doctor in selecting the best location for obtaining the biopsy sample.

internal body parts like heart ,stomach,liver,etc..

The lungs and liver of the frog and humans are different in a few ways. Of course, they are different in size but they are also different in location. They function in the same way however.

The kidneys are bean shaped, about the size of a fist, and located retroperitoneal. The right kidney sits slightly lower than the left, due to the location of the liver.

It is the organ right beneath the liver, above the stomach. Slightly longer than the stomach.

The hepatic cecum is part of the digestive tract. It apparently functions both to secrete digestive juices and to help absorb nutrients from the food. "Hepatic" means it relates to the liver. Although Starfish do not have a liver, the hepatic cecum may be similar to the liver of vertebrates.

it depends on the size and specific location of these tumors. make sure they are inspected regularly.

The liver does not go anywhere, it is held in place by the lesser omentun, and it is held there in its permanent location in the RUQ (Right Upper Quadrant) of the abdomen. It is located in the Right Upper Quadrant of the abdomen, on the right side just under the ribs.

You would have to discuss that with your doctor. We do not know the location of the incision, nor what was damaged. However, assuming that there was no infection, there should be no major long-term functional damage after a minor incision.

no. it is called liver because it is the liver of a cow.

Fatty infiltration of the liver is an overabundant accumulation of triglycerides in the liver. This can occur in the entire liver or in a specific part of the liver.

Liver count of a bad liver

Liver parenchyma refers to the bulk of the liver.

Located in the anatomical area known as the right upper quadrant, or right side of the abdomen just below the ribs, the liver is vital to sustain life. This organ is one of the largest and is known as the processing center for nutrients. The main duties of this specialized tissue are to processes and store nutrients that are required by the body, create bile for digestion, and remove harmful toxins from the blood. The importance of the liver is indicated by the fact that it is the only organ that is able to regenerate. With as little as 25% of viable tissue, the liver can regrow. The liver is susceptible to a number of disorders and diseases which can develop liver pain. The location typically is in the location of the liver itself, however, it can manifest along the entire upper abdomen or the back. The sensation varies in intensity from dull to sharp and be intermittent or constant. Due to the source of the pain, it is often confused with abdominal pain. Some of the more common reasons for liver pain include hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, alcoholism, fatty liver syndrome, and gallstones. There are several forms of hepatitis, the five main types are A, B, C, D, and E. This infection is a virus that attacks the healthy cells of the liver, essentially destroying the liver from the inside out. Cirrhosis of the liver is seen in individuals with advanced, or final, stages of liver disorders. It is a result of chronic scarring and results in severely compromised liver function. Fatty liver disorder is typically discovered as a secondary note to another abdominal imaging. This condition is an infiltration of the normal healthy tissue of the liver by fatty cells which disrupts the abilities of the organ. Gallstones are created by the gall bladder. These affect the liver by blocking the duct which is used to transport the bile created by the liver to the gall bladder. Essentially it causes this concentrated digestive fluid to backup into the liver tissues. Liver pain should be evaluated by a health professional as soon as possible.

what are the sympyhoms of liver fluke? :)what are the sympyhoms of liver fluke? :)what are the sympyhoms of liver fluke? :)

the effects of alcohol on the liver are psoriasis of the liver can cause your liver to fail.

Liver transplantation is a surgery that removes a diseased liver and replaces it with a healthy donor liver.

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