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Where is low port for R134 located on a 2001 Pontiac Aztec?


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Follow larger hose from air compressor usually by passenger side firewall near accumulator/drier


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You don't. Take this to a professional and have it converted to R134. Freon is very expensive.

All cars & trucks made in 1994 and after have to use R134 (federal regulations). 1993 & earlier use R12.

how much r134 does a ford 500 take

Why would you want to even consider doing this? R12 is no longer in production and as such it cost almost 4 times as much as R134. But to answer your question, use R12 in a R134 system and you will destroy the compressor as the oil is not compatible with R134 oil.

Yes, R134 is the only thing it can use.

Unless it has been converted, prior to 1996 it was Freon R12. After that it is R134, 134a, or a similar refrigrant. Look on the dryer or the compressor for more information.

It should be the same as my 92. Under front of the car coming from compersor is a large line. On that line (low side line) is the low presure fitting,this where you put R134 or R12,which ever one you allready have in the car.If not allready R134 I would convert it.R134 is alot cheaper.

Should be R134 if it is 1993 or newer if older should be converted to R134

the r134 rec harging port on a ford focus is just in front of the passenger side front wheel, you have to remove the plastic inner wheel well to get at it, once you remove it, you will see the silver canister with the port on top of it!!!!

It is still legal but very expensive, and only a certified A/C ahop can purchase and install it. I suggest you have your system converted to R134. it is not legal to own though

R134 or 134R its the same obviously. That's the only freon I know of besides the old stuff you cant get anymore.

It takes R134. R12 is no longer used in vehicles produced around 1990 and newer. Every vechicle from 95 and on uses R134A. Some cars may have even started converting over to r134 as early as 93 but officially EVERY VEHICLE from 95 and on has r134

Although less ozone depleting than r12, it's still illegal to discharge r134 into the atmosphere.

No , that should be 134-a ( it should be shown on a sticker just in front of the radiator at the top ) Every vechicle from 95 and on uses R134A. Some cars may have even started converting over to r134 as early as 93 but officially EVERY VEHICLE from 95 and on has r134

The 1992 GMC Suburban came from the factory with R12 not R134. Unless it is has been converted to use R134 you cannot simply add R134. If it has been converted you need to have the leak fixed before adding anything. It is illegal to add refrigerant to any system without first repairing the leak. How much it will hold depends on how much leaked out.

Double check with your local auto store, but it should be R134-A. I just did my charged my 98 Contour, and used R134-A.

theres 1 on the front man. 1 on the rr man up by where you put the r134 for the ac. and theres 1 front and rr of the conv.

it is a gas called BO for

No, the two cannot be blended.

94 went to r134. but if it is really a 93 chassis, I wouldn't know I think that was the change over year from r12 to r134

Unless it has been converted to R134, the OEM refrigerant installed in 1991 was R12 Freon. I suggest you have it converted to R134 if it has not already been done.

This is the transition year. It can be R12 or R134. It is listed on the unit. The fact that R12 is no longer being produced makes it extremely expensive. Convert it to R134.

most likely you have a r12 cooling system. You will first have to visit a certified AC mechanic to have the r12 drained from your system and since you have to do that then you might as well have them do the r134 conversion at the same time, it won't add that much more to the cost.

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