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Where is mitochondria located in a plant cell?

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There is no exact location of mitochondria in a plant or animal cell but the more active the cell the more mitochondria in that cell.

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cell wall,mitochondria and chloroplasts are the components of the plant cell.

Mitochondrion is located in both animal and plant cells.

The job of the mitochondria has in it plant cell is the same job that mitochondria have in animal cell. The mitochondria makes energy for the cell to function.

The mitochondria of a cell are located in the cytoplasm.

There is a Mitochondria in both an animal and plant cell

The mitochondria holds the cell energy.

Yes,it is in plants.It is a typical eukariyotic organell.

A mitochondria is actually a organelle located in both plant and human cells. It is known as the 'powerhouse' pf the cell because it produces energy in the form of ATP.

The mitochondria are located in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Plant mitochondria do the same job as animal mitochondria which is to produce ATP for the cell.

The mitochondria are located throughout the cell.

Mitochondria are organelle found in both plant and animal cells.

mitochondia produces energy for a plant cell,mitochondria produces energy that the cell needs to carry out its functions and life process. the mitochondria is in a plant and animal cell!

The mitochondria organelles is located in the cytoplasm.

The Mitochondria contains enzymes

The mitochondria is in the cytoplasm of a cell.

You can find mitochondria in most plant and animal cells.

Both plant and animal cells contain Mitochondria

Mitochondria supplies the energy that the plant of animal needs

Mitochondria have a universal function. Mitochondria generate energy for cell.

because the plant cell contains the mitochondria in order for the plant to be green

no, mitochondria can also be found in a animal cell.

the mitochondria holds the energy from the sun

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