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Where is niagra falls?

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There are two Niagra Falls. One is in the Southern-Eastern portion of the Canadian province of Ontario and the Other is in the Northern-Western portion of the US state of New York. They are both the same place but there are two sections of the falls. One in Canada and one in America. The name is also used for two townships one in Canada and the other in America. The most commonly seen (on TV) falls in the Canadian falls, also called the Horseshoe falls due to its shape. The American falls is known as the "straight falls" due to its shape. There is also a bit of other info but I am not sure is relevant or not-the falls are divided by Goat Island into the American Falls, 167ft high, and the Canadian, or Horseshoe, Falls, 158ft high.

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What river goes into Niagra Falls?

Niagra Falls is situated on the Niagra River.

What part of Canada is Niagra Falls in?

Niagra falls is in Ontario

How old is niagra falls?

Amazingly, Niagra falls is only about 12,000 years old.

What does Niagara Falls stand for?

Niagra Falls is a waterfall on the Niagra river on the border between the United States and Canada. It is also the name of the two cities on either side of the river. Niagra Falls, Ontario and Niagra Falls, New York

What is the elevation of Niagra Falls?

The niagra falls river 58 (km) (36 mi) in length

Why is Niagara Falls and Yosemite falls alike?

Both Niagra Falls and Yosemite Falls are waterfalls. That is probably as similar as they get. While Niagra flows all year, Yosemite Falls may run out of water in the summer. Niagra Falls is also wider than Yosemite Falls.

What waterfall is horseshoe Falls and American falls?

niagra falls

What river flows from Niagra falls?

The river itself is the Niagra River

What cities do the Niagara river pass through?

Buffalo NY, Niagra Falls NY and Niagra Falls Canada

What Falls are split by Goat Island?

Niagra Falls.

What are the 2 parts of Niagara Falls?

Horseshoe Falls and Niagra Falls

American falls and horseshoe falls are better known as what?

niagra falls

Why did they call niagra falls niagra falls?

It was named after the Native Indian thunder god because it sounds like thunder

How far is it from Atlantic City to Niagra Falls?

about 8 hours and ten minutes if you mean Niagra Falls in New York

What are the landforms in Venezuela?

niagra falls

What city is niagra falls in?


Where is the niagra falls?

Ontario Canada

What is a large waterfall?

Niagra Falls

Can you swim in niagra falls?


Is Niagra Falls really a river?


How far is Niagara Falls to Ontario?

Niagra Falls is in Ontario

How many people visit Niagra Falls per year?

20 million people come to Niagra Falls each year.

What is a interesting fact about Niagra Falls?

Its the only falls named NIAGRA. And not only that ! Here's another one: The correct spelling is NIAGARA .

What are the falls that are on the US-Canada border?

The Niagra Falls And Horseshoe Falls :]

What large cataract is split into horseshoes falls and America falls?

Niagra Falls