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If the Nissan truck is either a V6 or a V8, the oxygen sensor will be located in the manifold. Sometimes it will be placed just below the manifold.

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Q: Where is oxygen sensor Nissan pickup?
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Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1997 Nissan pickup?

its screwed into your exhaust manifold.

How do check the oxygen sensor on a 1989 Nissan pickup 4cylinder?

install a new one!!

Where is the egr temp sensor located on 1995 Nissan pickup?

where is egr temp sensor located in 97 nissan pickup l4

How do you replace Oxygen Sensor in 1997 Nissan Pickup?

its screwed into the exhaust manifold,undo wire and unscrew at manifold.

Where is the fuel sensor on a 1985 Nissan pickup located?

no such sensor

Where is the intake air temp sensor located on a 1991 Nissan pickup?

The intake air temperature sensor is built into the MAF sensor on a 1991 Nissan pickup. It is between the air box and the throttle body.

Where is the crankshaft postioning sensor on a 97 Nissan pickup xe 2400?

The 1997 Nissan pickup truck crankshaft position eight sensor can be found on the back of the engine. The positioning sensor will be halfway down the engine block.

How do you reset sensor light on 1985 Nissan pickup truck?

The only way to reset the sensor light on a 1985 Nissan pickup truck is to disconnect the sensor wiring. After 60 seconds, put the wiring back in place.

Where is the reverse sensor in a 1993 Nissan pickup?

on transmission

Where is the knock sensor on a 94 Nissan pickup?

Its up in under there somewhere

Where is the oxygen sensor for 1996 Nissan xe pickup located?

its screwed into the exhaust manifold. On the driver side below the spark plugs closest to the firewall .

Where is the oxygen sensor 1987 v6 Nissan pickup?

you have 3 of them ,1in each exhaust manifold and 1 in one of the pipe leaving the exhaust manifold.

Where is the speed sensor on a 96 Nissan pickup?

Its mounted on the transmission.

What sensor is located in the fuel tank of a 1996 Nissan pickup?

There is a fuel temp sensor mounted on a bracket inside the tank and a low fuel sensor on the fuel pickup assy...

Does a 1996 Nissan XE 2.4 pickup have a speedometer cable or a speed sensor?

It has a Speed sensor.

Where is the clutch sensor on a 1986 Nissan pickup?

on the clutch pedal lever

Crank sensor location on 1994 Nissan pickup?

inside motor

Where is the vehicle speed sensor 1995 Nissan pickup?

screwed into transmission.

What is the sensor in the breather of a 95 Nissan Pickup It's a tiny u shape with a diode inside?

temperature sensor.

Where is the fuel temperature sensor located on a 1996 Nissan pickup?

in the gas tank, it is part of the fuel level sensor

Where is the brake sensor for a 1994 Nissan pickup?

look on the brake pedal lever.

How do you replace an oxygen sensor in a 1996 F250 diesel pickup?

If someone could please explain who to get to the oxygen sensor and explain where it is for sure?

Where is the cam position sensor on a 97 Nissan pickup?

It is part of the distributor. You have to replace the distributor

Where is the location of the fuel temperature sensor on a 1996 Nissan pickup?

under your air filter

Where is the speed sensor located on a 97 Nissan pickup 4 cylinder?

Its mounted on transmission.