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Q: Where is royal oak middle school at?
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Was royal oak middle school in Covina a high school?

Royal Oak High School opened in the mid sixties (1965?) and graduated its last class in 1985. Due to declining enrollment the Charter Oak Unified School District closed Sunflower and Ruddock Intermediate Schools, transferred all high school students to Charter Oak High School and converted Royal Oak into the district's sole middle school. (ROHS Class of 84)

When was Pin Oak Middle School created?

Pin Oak Middle School was created in 2002.

When was Oak Park Middle School created?

Oak Park Middle School was created in 1992.

When was Quimby Oak Middle School created?

Quimby Oak Middle School was created in 1968.

When was Post Oak Middle School created?

Post Oak Middle School was created in 2006-08.

What is Valley Oak Middle School's motto?

Valley Oak Middle School's motto is 'Promoting Bronco Excellence'.

Where is fox news' dan springer from?

Royal Oak, Michigan. He graduated from Shrine High School in Royal Oak in 1983.

Where is westridge middle school?

Westridge Middle School is in Orlando on oak ridge rd

Which school does Zachary Gordon in?

He is on Oak Park Middle School

Where did Will Keith Kellogg go to school?

west oak middle school

What does Lincoln Middle School and Prairie Oak School have in common?

they both have girls

Where is the Royal Oak Public Library in Royal Oak located?

The address of the Royal Oak Public Library is: 222 East Eleven Mile Road, Royal Oak, 48067 2633