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I'd say car factorys because people are just to lazy to build the cars them selves. Robots do it for them, People just have to watch for malfunctions in the system.

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Q: Where is technology most used?
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What is the most used technology in the world?

a computer but cellphones are also some of the most used technology in the world.

Which type of technology is the most frequently used?

The various forms of energy conversion is by far, the most frequently used kind of technology.

What kind of science is most used to build or design useful technology?

Computer science is most used to build or design useful technology

What is the most used technology?


What technology most used for sharing information?


What is the most used piece of technology?

The answers to your question is very broad; technology is used everyday in many different ways. Computers, phones, and televisions are widely used technology for instance.

What is Japan's most used technology?


What technology is used by most science ts?


What kind of technology is Cloudmark?

Cloudmark is a company that specializes in security technology. The service that is most commonly used is the Cloudmark Technology Intelligent Fingerprinting.

What is the most modern and most widely used form of technology?

Lady GaGa

What is the most popular network technology used on LANs?

Ethernet is the most popular network technology used on wired LANs. And IEEE 802 i.e Wi-fi is used for wireless LANs. -- By MyNarutoAnime ----

What technology was important to develop the cell theory?

the most important technology used to develop the cell theory was the microscope

Where is the most technology used in the world?

Probably USA or India.

Optical fibers are most commonly used in technology?


How does technology affect the economy of the US?

The US is a manufacturer of most of the technology used in the world. The export of these technology adds to the GDP of the USA. The use and discovery of technology has created jobs for its citizens.

What kind of technology is used while being a lawyer?

a computer for the most

What is the most common memory technology used in todays computers?


What was one of the most important technology used by the Paleolithic people?


What is the most commonly used method of cloning?

recombinant dna technology

Which type of writing is most commonly used in the field of information technology?

technical writing

Why are people afraid of new technology?

For millions of years human beings have feared what they do not understand. New Technology is understood by most people and used responsibly by most people. There will always be those people who do not want to learn about new technology

Does geometry help technology professionals?

Yes. Geometry is used in many different fields of technology. Mathematics is a root tool used in nearly every existing aspect of technology. Used in electronics, mechanical engineering, surveying and chemistry just to name most common.

What are 2 most common wavelengths used for public wireless communication?

Infrared (IR) technology and Radio Frequency (FR) technology.

What is the oldest and most widely used LAN technology in use today?


What technology did they use in Battle of Hastings?

the most used weapon was arrows and swords