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In a 1988 Chevy pickup the ECM is located behind the glovebox.

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Q: Where is the 1988 Chevy engine control module?
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How do you change the ignition control module in a 1988 Chevy Silverado 5.7 L?

How do you change the ignition control module in a 1988 Chevy Silverado 5.7L

How do you set the timing on an 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

The 1988 Chevy Celebrity uses distributorless ignition. There is no provision to alter timing, the engine control module takes care of that.

Where is the engine control module on a 1988 celebrity?

The engine control module is bolted to the inside of the firewall in front of the glove box drawer. If you remove the glove box drawer you will be able to see it.

Where is the ignition module on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity 2.5?

The ignition module on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity with 2.5 engine is on the side of the block beneath the intake manifold. You can simply follow the spark plug wires to it. As information the crankshaft position sensor is behind the ignition module.

What happens when the module goes out on the 1988 Chevrolet celebrity?

What happens depends greatly on which module fails. If the engine control module (computer) fails it may cause the engine to run poorly or not at all. If the ignition module fails the engine won't start.

Where is the ignition switch module located on the 1988 Cherokee limited?

module locatedwhere is the module on a 9 Chevy blazer

Location of ignition module on 1988 Chevy silverado 2500 350 engine?

Follow the 2 pin connector from the top of the coil located on the driver side front of the distributor. It should lead to a 2 pin connector, as well as a 4 pin connector. This is the ignition control module.

What is the Ignition timing for 1988 Chevy 454 engine?

what is the ignition timing for a 1988 Chevy 454 engine

Where is the control module in an 1988 fifth ave?

Taking a guess, Your 1988 5th Ave has a 318ci motor with Lean-Burn Engine control. Chrysler put the control module in the rectangle box attached to the side of the air cleaner. All of the engine control module is inside that box to include the transistorized ignition system. Your distributor will have two pickup coils in it and not have a vacumn advance located on the side of it which will be another way of telling if you have the Lean-Burn system.

Where are the coil packs on a V6 Chevy Beretta?

On 1988-1993 V6 models, the coil packs and ignition control module are located at the lower front of the engine, facing the radiator. From 1994-1996, they were moved to the top rear of the engine, pointing slightly toward the cowl area.

Where is the beretta computer or module located?

I am trying to find the 1988 chevy beretta computer module and where is it located?

How do you remove the control ignition module on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity 4-cylinder 2.5?

under neth the coil packs middle back of engine 3 bolts you will need a 10 milimiter 12 milimeter and 13 i did mine 4 TIMES !!!!