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Q: Where is the 1st string on an electric guitar?
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Where is the thickest string on an electric guitar?

The low E string, on the top.

What is the difference between a electric bass and a electric guitar?

6 string guitar = treble electric bass= bass

How do you string 6 string electric guitar?

Where online can someone purchase a Ibanez 7 string electric guitar other than using the company website?

One can purchase Ibanez 7-string electric guitar from the following stores online; Ibanez RGA7 7-string electric guitar black for $599.99 on amazon, Ibanez RG7321 7-string electric guitar black for $449.99 on Musician's Friend and Ibanez RG7321 7-string guitar black on Guitar Center.

What does the fret do on a electric guitar?

It holds down the string.

How do you play the electric guitar?

strike your fingers on the string

Is it easier to play a 4 string electric bass guitar or an acoustic 6 string guitar?

they are both eqaully challenging

What do you do if the string on your guitar gets stuck while changing the strings on an electric guitar?

what it it stuck on?

How many octaves is the electric bass lower than the electric guitar?

One. The E string of a bass is one octave lower than the low E string of a guitar.

What can one do with a guitar pickup?

With a guitar pickup one can turn an acoustic guitar into an electric guitar. They use string vibrations generated from playing and turn it into electric current.

What instrument did Jimmy played?

He play acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, bass,

What is the difference between an acoustic electric guitar and a standard electric guitar?

An acoustic electric guitar differs from a standard electric guitar in the fact that a standard electric guitar depends solely on the electricity of the amplifier to convert the string vibration. An acoustic electric guitar also has also a microphone which will magnify and convert the sound.

How do you tighten string g on an electric guitar?

Turn the peg at the top of the guitar right if you are loosening the string, left if your tightening the string. Hope it helps- Roxas riku

How does the sound of electric guitars differ from bass guitars?

A bass guitar is really low sounding and the highest string on a bass guitar is the lowest on an electric guitar.

What is a A Type Guitar?

there is acoustic, electric, base and steel string guitars

What is a three word instrument?

the electric guitar.4 string bass

Can an electric guitar be a bass guitar?

No. Because of the thickness of the strings, an ordinary 6-String electric guitar could not produce a sound that low compared to a regular bass guitar. For example the size of the strings for a 6-String electric guitar varies between 0,008 and 0,046 - thinner than the bass guitar's strings 0,050 and 0,110.

On a electric guitar can i use a b string as an e string can someone answer please?

it won't sound right

How do you replace an electric guitar string without using a string winder?

You don't be lazy and use your fingers!

What instrument did jimmy page play?

He play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, bass,

How does sound produce in Electric guitar?

When you pluck a string on an electric guitar that is plugged in to an amplifier, the pick-ups underneath the strings "hear" the sound, and send it through to the amplifier, projecting the sound of the string plucked.

How many strings on the guitar?

6 on acoustic and electric, 4 on base guitar, unless you have a 5 string base, on which there is 5. You can also get a 12 string guitar which I think is only acoustic.

What is the best way to learn how to play a 12 string acoustic electric guitar?

The best and easiest way to learn 12 string acoustic or electric guitar is to practice and practice. It does also help if the person can read music and already knows how to play a six string guitar to some extent.

Can you replace a steel string guitar with nylon strings?

Yes, you can, but not on an electric guitar. It might not be recommended, but it definitely can be done.

On an electric guitar can you place the second string in place of the first?

you can but you will no longer have an E string since a B string wont tune that high