Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Where is the 7th gym at in Pokemon FireRed?


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cinnabar island, against blaine. go to pallet town and surf down.


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You have to find a key in the Pokemon mansion to open up the 7th gym. After you beat the 7th gym leader the 8th gym will open

The 7th leader is Blaine. He uses fire pokemon.

you go in the Pokemon mansion and the gyms key is some ware in there.

It's locked. The key is located in Pokemon Mansion, which is just beside the Gym.

Fire, so get out your Blastoise, Vaporeaon, Lapras, or Golduck.

This TM is given to you by the 7th gym leader Blaine after defeating him.

go to cinnabar island then go into Pokemon mansion go through here to get the secret key which opens the 7th gym.

I believe it is on Cinnabar Island. To enter the gym, you have to get through the Pokemon Mansion and find the secret key.

You need to go to the Pokemon mansion in Cinnabar Island. Go to the basement and obtain the Secret Key. Then go to the Pokemon Gym and it will be unlocked!

the thunder gym in in vermillion city

The first gym is in Pewtwer City.

In his Gym in Cinnabar.

The fourth gym at Pokemon fire red is grass type gym

NO,but the map,the gym is the same as Pokemon firered.

You can get moltres on mount. ember (island 1) after u beat the 7th gym.mount ember

Get the key from the basement of the mansion next to the gym.

Step on the portals in the gym.

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