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Baja California is in Mexico, just south of California in the US. They border each other. Baja means lower in the Spanish language.

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Q: Where is the Baja peninsula located?
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What kind of land form is baja California is it located in Mexico or us?

It is a peninsula, located in Mexico.

What type of landform is Baja California located on?

Baja California is a Peninsula

The spanish word baja means below. What well named peninsula is located below the 31st state?

The Baja California peninsula is located below the 31st state of Mexico, Baja California Sur.

Tijuana is in what country?

It is a city located on the Baja California Peninsula, on the country of Mexico.

Is florida and baja a peninsula?

flordia is not and baja is

Who owns Baja California or the Baja peninsula?


Where is the Baja California peninsula located?

In northwestern Mexico, just south of the US state of California.

What is the name of Mexico's peninsula that lies on the west coast?

The peninsula on Mexico's west coast is called the Baja California Peninsula. It is divided into two states: Baja California and Baja California Sur.

What is the baja peninsula also called?

Baja California (Lower California)

Which country is Baja California located in?

Baja California is a peninsula that extends along the Pacific coast south of the US state of California. It remained part of Mexico after the Mexican Cession of 1848 that gave most of the region (Alta California) to the US following the Mexican-American War. It consists of two Mexican states, Baja California (capital Mexicali) and Baja California Sur in the south (capital La Paz).Baja California is separated from the mainland by the Gulf of California (sometimes referred to as the Sea of Cortes). It includes the resort Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the peninsula, where it crosses the Tropic of Cancer.

What is the name of the northwestern peninsula?


A city in California where it is on the peninsula?