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It is located in the capital, Sacramento.

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Q: Where is the California state capitol building?
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What is the state capitol of California?

The state capitol is the building in which the California legislature meets. It is located in Sacramento, California, the capital of the state.(see the related link below)

What is the name of the capitol building in Wyoming?

The name of the state capitol building in Cheyenne, Wyoming is "Wyoming State Capitol" or "Wyoming State Capitol Building".

What is the square footage of the state capitol building in Sacramento CA?


How tall is California's capitol?

The California State Capitol building in Sacramento is 247 feet tall at the top of the dome and has 6 floors.

Is the California state capitol building used as a treasury?

No. There are offices in the state capitol building and a museum as well as the floor of the Assembly. A few years ago the building was remodeled and it looks beautiful and regal.

Where is California's stat caoitol bulding located?

California's state capitol building is located in its capital of Sacramento.

What is the address of California's state capitol?

The address of the California state capitol building is1400 Tenth St., Sacramento, CA, 95814. All correspondence should be sent to that address.

When was California State Capitol created?

California State Capitol was created in 1874.

What is the most beautiful state capitol building in US?

Minnesota State Capitol Building....designed by Cass Gilbert. Beats the US Capitol Building!

What is the biggest state capitol building in the US?

The tallest is the Texas State Capitol building in Austin

When was California State Capitol Museum created?

California State Capitol Museum was created in 1982.

When was Confederate State Capitol building - Arkansas - created?

Confederate State Capitol building - Arkansas - was created in 1836.

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