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Where is the ECM located in a 1993 gmc sonoma?

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its located under the glove box on the passengers side you need to pop open that panel to get to it

2008-12-08 21:19:19
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Where is the ECM located on a 1997 GMC Sonoma?

Should be under the hood on the pasenger side.

Where is the ecm located in the 1996 gmc sonoma?

under the hood on the passenger side, mounted on the fire wall

Will a 1993 GMC Sonoma plow fit on a 1994 GMC 1500?


Where is the IAT senor in a 2003 gmc sonoma?

where is the iat sensor located on a 2003 gmc sonoma truck

Where is the crank position sensor located on a 1997 gmc sonoma 2.2?

were is csp on gmc sonoma 2.2

Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 gmc sonoma?

in fuel tank

What fuel capacity options were available for 1993 gmc sonoma?

There were eight different styles of the 1993 GMC Sonoma, with four different engines. The fuel capacities for all the engine styles were 20 gallons.

Where can i find a Radio Wiring Diagram for 1993 GMC Sonoma?

You can find a radio wiring diagram for a 1993 GMC Sonoma in the vehicle's owner's manual. You can also find it at local auto parts stores.

Where is the slave cylinder located on a 1999 GMC Sonoma?


Where are the freeze plugs in a 1996 gmc sonoma?

Where are the freeze plugs located on a 2003 GMC Sonoma 4.3L Vortec engine?

Where is a 1994 GMC Jimmy ecm located?

near the intake.

Where is the map sensor located on the GMC Sonoma?

The MAP Sensor on the GMC Sonoma is located in the engine compartment just to the left of the alternator. The MAP Sensor is usually colored silver or shows a gold tint.

Where location of a camshaft sensor GMC Sonoma 95 4.3 V6 Vortec?

The Cam Sensor in a 1996 GMC Sonoma is located in the distributor under the rotor cap

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 GMC Sonoma?

The fuel filter is on a 1993 Sonoma is under the truck bed between the drivers seat and the driver's rear wheel. It is almost always easier to replace the entire filter can than opening it up and replacing the guts.

What is the firing order on a 2.5L 1993 gmc sonoma?

Knowing the firing order of a car's engine can help troubleshoot problems later on. The firing order for a 1993 GMC Sonoma 2.5L engine is 1-6-5-4-3-2.

Do 95 GMC Sonoma have timing belt?

No, a 95 GMC Sonoma does not use a timing belt on it. The 95 GMC Sonoma uses a timing chain on it.

What year did General Motors come out with the gmc sonoma?

The GMC S-15 became the GMC Sonoma in 1991.

Where is the flywheel located on a 1999 GMC sonoma?

Between the engine and the trans. You will have to pull the trans to get to it.

Where is the low pressure port on a 2003 GMC Sonoma?

It's located right on the evaporator

Where the timing connector on 95 gmc sonoma 2wd?

Where is the timing connector on a 1995 gmc sonoma

What is the normal running temperature for a 1993 GMC Sonoma?

Well, my gauge usually sit right about the middle.

How do you identify 1993 GMC Sonoma ecu id?

There should be a sticker on the unit that has the GM part number on it.

What is bolt pattern for 1994 2.2 GM Sonoma?

will the 2.2 crossmember on a 1994 GMC sonoma fit on a 1994 GMC sonoma 3.4

Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located in a 1998 gmc sonoma?

It is important for a car owner to know the location of all the car parts. The fuel tank pressure sensor for a 1998 GMC Sonoma is located in the fuel pump assembly.?æ

How do you flush the radiator on a 1994 GMC Sonoma pickup?

How do you flush the raditor on a 1992 GMC Sonoma Pickup.