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Where is the EGR valve located on a 2001 Chevy s-10 quad cab Also how do you clear the code out of the computer once the valve has been replaced?


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Don't assume that a code that is related to the EGR system is necessarily the EGR Valve At Fault.


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The exhaust system may have filled with oil and coolant when the head gasket went. It will clear in time if that is the case.

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Disconnect the battery for 15 minutes. It will clear the codes but will not solve the problem. Best thing is to have the codes read to find a solution.

Did you remember to clear the codes from the computer? OBD II systems have the ability to retain trouble codes even if the battery is disconnected so you will need a code scanner to retrieve the codes to have them cleared out so the computer knows the problem has been addressed.

you need to take it to the dealer and have the computer flashed. this will clear the code and the light.

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Although there is a VERY slim possibility that the computer is at fault, the reality is it's probably not in the computer. Use a code scanner to clear the code then try to start it again. Check all connections and wires for damage or corrosion.

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