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It is usually on the rear valve cover and looks like a multi-layer disk with rubber vacuum lines coming out of the side. Disconnect lines two bolts that hold it on. carefully use coathanger or similar object to scrape carbon (often white powder substance) out of the two vacuum outlets. then use an air compressor to blow out the rest. doesnt need to be totally clean as new but enough to let the valve work.

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Q: Where is the EGR valve located on a 6 cylinder 1989 Toyota Camry and how doI clean it?
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How do you clean Hyundai accent 1997 ignition coil?

May not be your car, but proceedure same Hope it helps

How do you clean a cloudy Toyota Camry cloudy headlight cover?

Sell it!

What do you do after replacing the air intake hose on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Clean the throttle body.

Can you clean a map sensor Toyota Camry?

Usually map sensors have to be replaced and cannot be repaired.

What parts are needed for a tune-up on a 1993 Toyota Camry LE 6 CYLINDER?

It depends on how much you want to spend. Common parts are fuel filter, air filter, clean throttle body, clean combustion chambers, replace spark plugs and its wires.

How do you clean a erg valve on 1996 Toyota Camry?

Use the fuel brake cleaner or throttle body cleaner.

What would cause your 2004 Toyota Camry to shake when stopped at a light with the ac on?

I would check the air filter first. If the filter is clean you need to clean the throttle body.

Does anyone know how to clean an idle speed control valve and where is the throttle body located on a 2000 Toyota Camry?

The thottle body is connect to the plantum right in front of the air filter housing the throttle cable is connected to it.

Does a 1997 Toyota Camry have a automatic transmission filter?

Yes the 1997 Toyota Camry has a metal screen filter inside of the transmission pan on the bottom of the transmission, you will have to remove the bottom transmission to get to the filter, because the filter is a metal screen you do not have to replace the filter, you can clean the filter and reuse it

How do you replace mass air flow sensor in Toyota Camry?

Open the hood in Camry 07 LE 4 cylinder, beside the air filter housing you will see the MAF sensor with a connector. Open two screws and clean with only CRC MAF cleaner and put it back you should see the difference now. Shuja Zaidi

How do you clean EGR valve on 2002 Toyota Camry 2.4?

Remove it, and throttle body carbon cleaner. Make sure that the valve can be moved easily.

How do I clean the fuel tank on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

First off you must drain the tank and then remove from the car. Cleaning can only be done with it separated from the vehicle.

What could be the cause hard to start 1993 Toyota Camry 4cylnder when engine cranks but often will not start?

Its old, google how to clean (ICV) idle control valve.

How frequently should 2003 Toyota Camry radiator be serviced?

It does not require service at all. Just make sure that it's clean and you use proper coolant with proper level.

Where is and how do you clean or replace an EGR Valve on a 2000 Toyota Solara 4 cylinder?

egr valve is located on left rear of cylinder head. to find it just look for the metal tube running from the exhaust manifold to the back of the intake manifold... the thingie there where the metal tube joins the intake manifold is the egr valve

Your mechanic told you to do a transmission flush and trottle body clean to your 2005 Toyota Camry. Is he trying to cheat you and get my money?

Both of these procedures are discussed on the Toyota Nation Camry forum. The throttle body only handles combustion air that has passed through the filter. There is no fuel to gum up the mechanism that occurred on carburetors. You can take the air cleaner off with the duct work and see i the throttle plate has a build up. Don't try to open it. It is driven by an electric motor and you may damage it. As for flushing the transmission,try googling this subject. Toyota doesn't have this maintenance listed in the maintenance schedule. I do mine myself. See the Toyota Nation Camry forum

How do you prime a 2.2 Toyota Camry oil pump?

many engine builders like to use lubriplate 105 assembly grease pack clean grease into inlet of pump for start up or if pump is open pack clean grease into gears or lobe and rotor

How do you adjust the idle on my 2002 Toyota Camry 4-cylinder?

Overall idle cannot be adjusted mechanically because Camry uses electronic fuel management. If your idle is irregular or very low, you need to check the air filter whether it's plugged, idle control valve (use throttle body cleaner), throttle position sensor and EGR valve (you might have to clean it too). PS: before to start check ECU codes.

What to do when the break and tails lights don't work on a 1996 Toyota Camry and it's not the fuses.?

If its not the fuses and you are getting power to the lights its most likely your ground not making contact. Clean all connections and try again.

Engine idle of your Toyota Camry xle too low and died?

You need to clean the throttle body also make sure that you check the air filter. If it does not help check if the throttle position sensor works properly.

What does green ac light flashing on 1991 Toyota Camry mean?

This is my personal experience for 2002 toyota camry. I was having the same problem. I read so many blogs all saying that you have to change your relay and the ac will start working. I did two things and now my ac is working fine. A) Clean/Replace your cabin air filter. B) Change the relay. (The relay costs you about 15 dollars at any auto parts)

What is the car salvage value for a 2002 Toyota Camry with 198200 miles located in brunswick Ohio 44212?

Not knowing the model, its condition and features, I'll assume good to fair with normal features and accessories. Based on, it's worth roughly 40% less than a comparable clean titled car, making it worth around $3600.

How do you clean electronic fuel injection on a automatic Toyota Camry?

There are multiple cleaners you can purchase in autoparts store. I recommend Seafoam. The only problem is that you will have to change oil soon after adding Seafoam in the tank. So plan cleaning accordingly.

Why did a 2004 Toyota Camry lose all electrical power?

Your battery is down, or one of main fuses quit. You need to check the fuse box in the engine compartment. Also make sure that you have clean battery wire contacts from rust and dirt.

How do fix code P0401 on 2001 Toyota Camry?

P0401 indicates problems with EGR system... It might a simple one, for instance, you just need to clean EGR pipe and valve. Or it can be more expansive one like faulty EGR valve or EGR sensor. Which one you have impossible to answer without testing the car. And you can use the professional Toyota tool to repair it, I think the Toyota it2 is a good tool for it.